Crane Network LLC Offers Cranes for Rent

Crane Network LLC, an online marketplace for cranes and other related equipment based in Lemont, IL, is pleased to announce that they are offering cranes for rent. They offer various kinds of cranes for rent to construction companies and other related industries. For example, there is the National NBT60L Boom Truck Crane. It features a five-section full power 151 ft boom that minimizes the need to swing a jib for productivity and faster set-up. It has simple to use color, graphical RCL display and integrated control system complete with truck and crane system monitoring. It can be troubleshooted with the Manitowoc Diagnostic Smartphone App.

Operator centric features include a standard 20-degree tilt cab with heated seat, hydraulically removable counterweight and lightweight polymeric outrigger pads.

Another example of crane rental is the Shuttlelift SCD09 Carry Deck Industrial Crane, which is in new condition. There is also the 2014 Link-Belt RTC-80150 II Rough Terrain Crane, which has a 150 ton capacity 195’ main boom, offet hydraulic jib, counterweight removal, 2 winches with 2 speeds, RCL bar graph and aux lifting sheave.

There is also the 2021 National NBT45142-2 Boom Truck Crane. It has 142 feet main boom, 31’-55 jib, front bumper stabilizer for 360 degree load chart with out and down outriggers, A/C in cab, work platform and 102’ w aluminum decking. It is mounted on a Peterbilt 567 chassis, X15/500 HP, 18 Speed UltraShift Trans, 20K Front, 69K Tridem Rear, 100 Gallon Fuel Tank w/ heater, Locking Rear Axles, and Wheel Ends, Alum Wheels, AM/FM Radio, and more.

Crane Network LLC is also offering used forklifts for sale. One example is the Tailift DV8R forklift, with 852 hours on meter, electric motor, 48 volts, single phase charger, single phase transmission , hydrostatic operations station, canopy, steering; crab operational, maximum lift capactity of 3,960 lbs, maximum lift height of 48”, mast stages: 3 side shift, mas tilt, fork length of 36”.

There is the Hyster 135 forklift, with 7,310 hours on meter, engine, Vortec V6 cylinders, gas fuel, transmission, powershift, operators station, OROPS, operational, maximum lift capacity of 13,500 lbs, maximum lift height of 169”.

There is also the Hyster forklift, with 452 hours on meter, 4 cylinders, gas fuel type, operators station, maximum lift capacity of 5,000 lbs, fork length of 54”, Jim Nadrchal Hauling.

Also available are used telehandlers for sale. One example is the Prowler P55R Telehandler Forklift. It has a Perkins diesel engine at 49.6 hp, three drive wheels, maximum speed of 7, 15” ground clearance, a turning radius of 78”, carriage width of 47.25”; overall height of 101.5”, overall width of 101”, and overall length of 107”.

There is also the Terex T 780 Truck Mounted Telescopic Boom Crane. It has been designed for easy setup on the job site and it can travel down the highway at maximum allowable speeds. This crane is an addition to any taxi-crane fleet. It has a maximum capacity of 73 tons, maximum boom length of 38.4 meters, a maximum tip height of 189 feet, and engine power of 350 hp, air-ride suspension, and travel speed up to 105 kph.

There is also the Manitex 30102C Boom Truck Crane with a 30 ton capacity, maximum main boom tip height of 112.5 feet, maximum tip height with extension of 159 feet, out-and down rear stabilizers of 14.5 feet, 2-speeed planetary hoist with grooved drum and negative draft flange, wired load moment indicator with crane function cut-offs for overload protection, externally wired anti-two block system, rugged, weatherproof electrical system with circuit status LEDs, removable boom rest, system pressure gauge, clamp-on mounting, Aeroquip STC (Snap to Connect) hydraulic fittings, and Manitex UPTime comprehensive support.

There is also the Manitex TC50155HL Boom Truck Crane with 50 ton capacity, self-lubricating boom slider pads, two speed planetary grooved drum hoist with negative draft flange and rope tensioner.

Those who are interested in cranes for rent, forklifts, and telehandlers can check out the Crane Network LLC website or contact them on the phone or through email.


For more information about Crane Network LLC, contact the company here:

Crane Network LLC
Ron Selby Jr.
(214) 612-7626
400 Illinois St., Lemont, IL 60439