Crane Network LLC Has Partnered With DKM Risk Advisors, A Construction Crane Insurance Company

Crane Network LLC., a website offering a convenient online marketplace for selling and buying cranes, heavy equipment, parts, and attachments, has now partnered with DKM Risk Advisors, an insurance and risk management company that offers construction crane insurance services.

The partnership’s main underwriting focus is on crane rentals with or without an operator, incidental operations typically associated with class including specialized hauling or trucking or warehouse or equipment dealers (x-service) and other related cases, erection, pile drivers, and bridge contractors. The coverages offered include commercial general liability coverage, excess liability capacity up to $5M, property/IM (exception basis only) with low limit exposures up to $500K value per location or item (no coastal wind), and specialized hauling, or “for hire” trucking on an expectation basis and incidental only. Wind farm and tower crane work are excluded. The distinct features of the general liability insurance include Rigger’s Liability via CCC (Care, Custody, or Control) exclusion endorsement OR “on-hook” coverage, “per project” general liability limits with a $5M aggregate cap, and mobile cranes covered as per state requirements or client request. The features of the excess coverage include true follow form excess and follow form CCC.

DKM Risk Advisors is a woman-owned crane insurance company that offers a broad range of coverage for construction cranes and rigging. It provides crane insurance for full-service crane companies, owner-operated companies, and bare rentals. The types of coverage that they provide include general liability coverage, property coverage, equipment coverage, commercial auto liability coverage, and umbrella & excess coverage. Additional and more unique coverage options include riggers liability including loss of use coverage, sudden & accidental pollution, mobile equipment coverage, over-the-road liability extension, 3rd party & bare rental coverage, replacement cost valuation, boom overload, care, custody & control liability, flood coverage, and loan/lease gap coverage.

DKM has been providing insurance for over 20 years. It was established in 1999 and provides hands-on insurance and risk management solutions specifically catered towards each unique client. A spokesperson for the company speaks on the partnership with Crane Network by saying, “The Crane Network is the go-to website for anybody in the industry who is looking for cranes for sale or rent and other similar heavy equipment. Knowing that our services would benefit this demographic the most, a partnership was a no-brainer. This gives all the entrepreneurs and small business owners who use and rely on The Crane Network for their heavy equipment needs, easy access to a much-needed service that we feel they will appreciate. At the end of the day, it benefits the countless enterprising customers that use our services. We wouldn’t be happier to have found a better partner.”

A spokesperson for The Crane Network spoke on the tie-up by saying, “DKM Insurance and Risk Management provides personalized policies that mitigate financial damage and reputational risk. We have been following the company’s work for many years and we identified them as a key partner for the same reasons. This partnership gives the hundreds of business owners who use The Crane Network on a regular basis for their heavy equipment needs, added options for general liability insurance, and a wide array of other coverage options.”

The Crane Network offers cranes for rent and sale along with a wide range of heavy equipment and parts. The company provides services such as evaluation, listing, and marketing the clients’ machines. Its team of qualified sales professionals is trained to convert listings into sales. In addition, its network of industry partners is available to provide appraisals, inspections, financing, insurance, transportation, and a number of other services. The company offers insurance quotes through a form on the website that asks for details such as estimated gross receipts and payroll along with breakdown percentage, list of cranes to be insured, list of crane operators to be insured, estimated losses for the past 5 years, and any additional comments that might help the company’s insurance specialist serve them better.

The company can be contacted at the phone number (214) 612-7626 or at the email id


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