Crane Network Is Offering Cranes For Rent And Sale

Crane Network, an online resource that connects buyers and sellers of cranes, parts, and other similar heavy equipment, has made available a wide range of cranes for rent and sale.

The website allows anyone to search for recently sold cranes to get an idea of the kind of inventory that is available and the kind of price that one can expect to pay. This helps customers make an informed decision by studying the current market rates of crane sales and rentals. The transparency of the data is one of the biggest strengths of Crane Network and its accompanying sites.

The website also links to its sister sites,, and Rent Cranes Now draws attention to crane rentals specifically. Free Crane Specs contains crane specifications and load charts for over 7000 different makes and models of cranes. Crane Network News lists industry news that businesses in the heavy equipment industry might find useful to keep abreast of.

Crane Network also hosts a business directory that lists companies that make cranes, parts, and equipment available for sale or for rent. The directory lists a contact for each company along with a count of the inventory it holds in each category. The directory also lists a member-since date that allows customers to sort companies by how long they have been listing their business on the website. As of the time of writing, the directory lists over 18,700 different companies.

The website offers different packages for listing cranes and parts. Various discounts are available if the business chooses an annual or semi-annual package. Crane Network also offers plenty of value-added options such as email blasts, featured listings, social media promotions, and optimized search listings. They also offer auction packages which are a combination of a listing, email blast, and a banner at different price points. The website also offers the choice to buy banners for increased exposure such as rotating header banners, equipment listing banners, static sidebar banners, and SEO banners.

Listing one crane will cost $99 per month or $299 to list it until the crane is sold. Listing two cranes will cost $175 per month or $499 to list them until the cranes are sold. Listing three cranes will cost $199 per month or $599 to list them until the cranes are sold. The website also offers a combo package where one can post up to 10 listings for $299 per month or up to 20 listings for $399 per month. The website offers an unlimited listing package for $499 per month.

Those businesses that are listing parts can list a single part until it gets sold for $99. Two parts can be listed until they get sold for $148. Three parts can be listed until they get sold for $199. Ten parts can be listed until they get sold for $399. Twenty parts can be listed until they get sold for $499. Businesses can also list unlimited parts for a price of $999 for the whole year. There is an option to feature parts on the Crane Network website for $10 per day so that it is more pronounced with increased visibility. Businesses can also buy a spot for their parts on an e-mail blast for only $99.

A spokesperson for the company talks about the service they offer by saying, “Our platform is the most preferred method for finding cranes, parts, and heavy equipment for rent or for sale online. We have created an ecosystem of trust by providing high-quality service to our patrons for years. We encourage companies to sign up for our service and leverage our expertise on how to sell a crane and other heavy equipment. We ensure you that you will get the best rates in the industry for your inventory. We will be there with you along every step of the way to make the experience as easy and as profitable for you as possible.”


For more information about Crane Network LLC, contact the company here:

Crane Network LLC
Ron Selby Jr.
(214) 612-7626
400 Illinois St., Lemont, IL 60439