Crane Network, An Online Crane Marketplace, Is Offering Cranes For Rent And Other Services

Crane Network is an online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of cranes, heavy equipment, parts, and attachments.

The company has been operational for over 20 years, first coming online in 1998. The company’s sales professionals aid users in the evaluation process, the listing process, and marketing their machines. The company’s network of industry partners is also available to provide appraisals, inspections, financing, insurance, transportation, and a number of other services.

The company claims to be the top search result for "Used Cranes For Sale", "Cranes for Sale by Owner" and "Crane Sales" on the internet. It has thousands of daily visitors representing companies and individuals that rely on its online services to effectively manage and sell cranes. All cranes, parts, and attachments for sale are sold directly by the seller. The company has over 30,000 users registered worldwide for a My Network account. The company claims it is also the best option for those looking for cranes for rent online.

In 2020, the company sold over 34,000 pieces of unique equipment, clocked over 450,000 unique visitors, and managed over 16,500 active seller and buyer accounts. They have a worldwide reach of over 200 countries with the 5 countries that bring the most traffic being the USA, Canada, India, Mexico, and Australia. According to a poll conducted by the website, 86% of users said that they would recommend to a friend or colleague. The same poll also concluded that 83% of users visit the site at least twice a week.

The marketplace offers a lot of salient features that let users buy and sell on the marketplace with confidence. The brief summary section gives a birds-eye view of the listing’s specifications. There is a photo gallery attached to every listing that lets buyers and sellers inspect and show off their goods to the best possible degree. There is ample space to describe the products in detail where the seller can answer any preemptive questions that buyers might have. It allows sellers to fill in the gaps and give the buyers all the information they might need to make a buying decision. There is also a link that takes the buyer directly to the specifications for the make and model of the crane listed. Sellers can track views to let users know that the listing is in demand. There are convenient social media buttons to quickly share the listing across all available channels. There is reserved space on the page to showcase the seller’s company logo and contact information.

Sellers can invite buyers to negotiate on a particular listing. There are also tools to accept, decline, or counter the offer based on the opinion of the buyer. The listings are available worldwide offering sellers and buyers from around the world the opportunity to network, send messages, receive leads, and ultimately increase sales. There are also links on every listing to Crane Network’s partners that provide financing, transportation, inspections, insurance, and appraisals.

There are many different packages available for the seller to choose from based on the kind of item they are putting up for sale. For equipment, one listing can cost $99 per month or $299 until the listing is sold. The same arrangement for 2 listings will cost $175 per month and $499 until sold respectively. The same arrangement for 3 listings will cost $199 per month and $599 until sold respectively. The company also offers packages of 10 listings for $299 per month, 20 listings for $399 per month, or unlimited listings for $499 per month.

When it comes to parts, 1 listing until sold will cost $99. The same service for 2, 3, 10, and 20 listings is $148, $199, $399, and $499 respectively. Sellers can list unlimited parts listings for $999 per year. There is also the additional option to feature a part for $10 per day and an email blast that costs $50.

The company can be reached at its phone number at (214) 612-7626. They can also be contacted via email at The company appeals to anyone searching online for “how to sell a crane” to consider its services.


For more information about Crane Network LLC, contact the company here:

Crane Network LLC
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400 Illinois St., Lemont, IL 60439