Cox Roofing Systems Explains Commercial Roofing in Brampton

Cox Roofing Systems, a Brampton, Ontario-based roofing contractor, recently published a blog post on commercial roofing services in Brampton. The blog post talks about some of the reasons why businesses in the Brampton area should consider tri-thermal roofing. Brampton’s climate is cold and temperate, and people in the city experience rainfall all year round (which makes tri-thermal roofing an excellent option for local businesses and residents).

Most commercial property owners use asphalt roll roofing as their primary roofing material, and not without good reason. Asphalt roll roofing is the most budget-friendly roofing material and is durable enough to provide protection from the elements for up to 30 years at less than the cost of an expensive PVC roof. A PVF roof, on the other hand, is a significant investment but provides great foot and equipment protection. Tri-thermal roofing systems take the concept of commercial roofing to a new level and are uniquely offered by only one provider of commercial roofing in Brampton.

The blog post says, “By introducing two different roofing materials, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and single-ply roofing of any kind, commercial property owners can have the best protection while enjoying exceptional roofing performance. Combining two roofing materials is unheard of for residential property applications. However, commercial properties have little need for a fancy roof (unless they’re in the hospitality and hotel market). Combining two roofing systems results in a highly-durable roof with dependable insulation and durability. Additionally, you have further protection against leaks thanks to the SPF layer underneath. Once a roofer or employee punctures the single-ply membrane through any means, the SPF foam layer can stop the leak’s spread. In doing so, they prevent massive roofing damage in the process.”

There are a number of advantages associated with this kind of roofing. Soundproofing is one major advantage tri-thermal roofing systems have over other roofing systems. Tri-thermal roofing systems offer high-quality noise dampening in addition to extending the lifespan of the property. The combination of two roofing materials and an insulating layer provides top-tier protection against leaks along with a high-density barrier against air and sound molecules.

Cox Roofing Systems has the tools and knowledge needed to correctly install tri-thermal roofing systems along with any other type of roofing system. Using only the finest materials from trusted suppliers, Cox Roofing Systems provides all kinds of roofing-related services and has managed to build a reputation among local residents and businesses for providing a high-quality service.

The company is family-owned and -operated and has been in business since 1976. Cox Roofing Systems started as an insulation company, with their main focus being on making buildings more energy-efficient using the best insulation the industry had to offer at the time. Their revolutionary TTR roofing system has been proven in every climate imaginable and, the Cox Roofing team believes, is the roofing system of the future.

A number of customers have left excellent reviews of the roofing contractor on the Google platform. For instance, Stephen says about his experience with Cox Roofing Systems, “Residential flat roof replacement. Cox Roofing is a ‘must contact’ company when considering a flat roof replacement. Wayne Cox indicated only 35% of their business is residential, but they manage this aspect of their business with professionalism, strong communication, and commitment to the homeowner and the job. Difficult to find a company like Cox today, but perhaps that's why they have been in business 62 years. Wayne, Devon, and team, a great experience and a happy homeowner.”

Michelle, another customer, says in their 5-star review, “My commercial building needed a new roof bad! It was leaking in a bunch of spots. I spoke with Wayne Cox directly and he is super friendly and personable. He sent someone out right away to get me a quote. When they started the roof, the onsite supervisor, Devon, plus all the other workers, were so friendly and respectful. We did run into some problems during the roof replacement process but the way they handled the issues and fixed them right away is superior customer service. They are honest and dependable and I would recommend them to anyone!”

Find out more through the Cox Roofing Systems blog post. Additional information can be found on the company’s website as well, and interested parties are welcome to contact the team through their preferred social media platforms.


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