COVID-19 Increases Addiction Relapse According To Rehab Near Me

Rehab Near Me would like to reach out to the wider public and inform them about the rising rates of addiction relapse that have occurred alongside the shutdown of the economy due to COVID-19. Learn more about their initiative by visiting RehabNear.Me on Facebook.

RehabNear.Me has been watching many people relapsing and abusing substances at an unprecedented rate during the pandemic. A huge factor in this may be the fact that quarantines and lockdowns have made more people more lonely. Loneliness is one of the largest universal triggers for substance abuse. This is a huge concern, and many addiction experts are already asking for prompt changes for the sake of the mental well-being of millions and millions of people who are currently having problems with getting and staying sober. In light of this, Rehab Near Me is offering their services and assistance to those who are suffering from substance abuse. logo

Rehab Near Me offers inpatient rehab for people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. Inpatient rehab is one of the most comprehensive addiction treatment programs, designed for helping substance abuse patients. It differs from intensive outpatient addiction programs as inpatient programs are typically short term rehab programs, and they lead to 30, 60 and 90 day recovery times. Although inpatient programs are short term, they are the best approach that can be taken for people who want to achieve and maintain long term sobriety. This is due to the focused nature of the inpatient rehab programs, which allows them to provide several benefits that cannot be received from other programs. Inpatient rehab programs know and recognize that addiction goes hand in hand with mental health issues. With this acknowledgment, Rehab Near Me does not just focus on helping people recover from the physical effects of substance abuse. They also make sure that they tackle the emotional effects as well. Rehab Near Me works hard to help their patients receive drug rehab, alcohol addiction treatment and prescription drug addiction treatment.

The treatment methods used at Rehab Near Me combine behavioral therapy and medical detox to treat the physical effects of substance abuse while also dealing with the root cause of addictive behavior. Under their inpatient program, patients are properly evaluated by professionals to make sure that they receive the proper medical attention that they need. Rehab Near Me uses proven treatment processes to provide quality medical care that can actually change the lives of their patients.

Addiction is difficult to deal with as it keeps people from quitting the substance of their choice. These addictive substances dull their judgment, serving to prevent them from making good decisions and causing them to struggle with craving and temptations. People who suffer from addiction may be able to stop themselves from using substances for a relatively short period, but this only leads to withdrawals and eventual relapse. Withdrawal symptoms may be mild, but they can also be life-threatening. As a result, addiction is difficult and dangerous to quit without the assistance of medical professionals.

Even with the aid of medical professionals, the road to recovery will not be without obstacles and challenges. However, these challenges and obstacles are expected to occur, as they are a huge reason why recovery is so challenging. Rehab Near Me assures their patients that they will provide their wholehearted assistance and support despite any challenge that they may face on their road to recovery. Another huge and common obstacle that people may face is the payment for their treatments. Fortunately, most rehab facilities work with insurance companies to provide their services at affordable rates. Many rehab facilities also offer several payment options for the services they offer. Patients have many options that include financing, insurance coverage and financial assistance from friends and family.

Rehab Near Me also provides useful information about several issues and topics related to substance abuse, which can be found on their website. In fact, they recently published a Rehab Near Me drunk driving article that talks about the dangers of driving while being under the influence of alcohol and other addictive substances.

Those looking for inpatient rehab programs for drug and alcohol abuse may check out Rehab Near Me’s website for more details. Their team may be contacted for further details as well.


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