COVID-19 Implications Could Leave Many Households In Need of Financial Aid

US based Qik Car Title Loans is staying abreast of the pandemic and has observed how the COVID-19 virus has impacted a lot of people. The pandemic has caused many businesses to close down either temporarily or permanently, and many people have been laid off or are simply not receiving a salary due to having to stay home. This has left many households struggling to make ends meet, thus leaving them in dire need of financial aid.

The needs of consumers change with the conditions surrounding the pandemic, and businesses are always looking for signs of recovery. The pandemic and the responses it has made necessary have had a profound effect on how business is done. For instance, companies with workforces (who are used to frequent travel) and others like airlines and hotels (that are built on revenue from travel) have been hit the hardest by the restrictions on movement. People with jobs in these industries have been finding themselves with no source of income — and their savings are drying up quickly.

Fortunately, anyone in need of financial aid in this crisis can turn to Qik Car Title Loans. At Qik, customers can get quick and easy access to cash in emergencies, using their car titles as collateral. “We are proud to give our customers a helping hand in difficult times,” says the company. “We beat traditional loan services when it comes to providing fast loans and alternative financing for customers. Customers who are typically unable to get a loan at a traditional bank or financial institution are more likely to secure a loan with us. This is because traditional term loans will determine eligibility based on the customer’s credit score. However, with Qik Car Title Loans, we offer loans that are based on the value of your vehicle. Therefore, customers with poor credit or no credit can still have access to cash resources through a car title loan.”

Qik can help during hard times, and the current crisis is incredibly hard for many people. One medical bill is often enough to completely wipe one’s savings account, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are likely to find themselves facing expensive medical bills. Banks are often not able to provide emergency cash due to their long and complex application procedures (along with the requirement that applicants have good credit). Most people in difficult financial circumstances do not have the time to wait for their application to be approved by a bank and often do not have very good credit — which makes applying in the first place incredibly difficult.

With Qik, one need only follow a simple 3-step application process. The first step is to apply online or call Qik Car Title Loans, a process which usually takes less than five minutes. Qik’s financial aid experts will then get in touch with the customer immediately to let them know how much they qualify for. The second step is to turn in the required paperwork, which includes a driver’s license, proof of income, a car title and insurance and registration. Once this is done, the only step that remains is to collect the money, either through a direct deposit or a check. The company’s website can be found here:

Learn more about Qik Car Title Loans and the services they offer on the company’s website. Customers may contact Henry Jones of Qik Car Title Loans for further details as well.


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