COVID - 19 Impacts Consumers Across The US

US based Qik Car Title Loans Main is keeping an eye on the US economy and the financial turmoil it has caused among families and individuals alike. The company makes it their mission to offer rapid financial aid to those in need, so recent dips and downturns in the economy have kept them busy giving their customers the breathing room they need to make it to their next source of income.

A representative from Qik Car Title Loan explains that, “in this economy, people are struggling.” While the company has always done their utmost to respond to requests for help, few circumstances have been as dire for their customers as they are today. In recent memory, only the recession in 2007 comes close — and many trends point to the conclusion that 2020 has been much worse. Adding to this, experts in the medical field largely remain unsure of when the pandemic will cease, so Americans across the country are finding it immensely difficult to plan ahead when they can see no end in sight to the present situation.

According to Forbes, around 20 million jobs were eliminated in April 2020 alone, a staggering amount when compared to the Great Recession where 8 million jobs were lost across an 18-month period (2008-2009). Furthermore, experts believe that this does not represent the true number of jobs lost in this period, given that the data excludes workers who were either unable to file claims or lost their jobs and did not actively seek work again. Notably, however, the Great Recession was caused by financial imbalances that primarily had their roots in the housing sector — today’s economic issues were caused by an external factor, the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the crucial factor in all this has to do with how much help people have to make ends meet while they wait for a return to some sense of normalcy. Qik Car Title Loans understands that the simplest and most direct form of help that can be offered is a prompt and hassle-free cash injection that enables their customers to make essential purchases and pay their most pressing bills. It does not matter to the company whether such financial resources are needed for food, vehicle repairs, rent and so on, they only wish to do their part and provide relief to those in need.

According to the Qik Car Title Loans website, “Car title loans use your car as collateral for your loan, meaning if your car has enough value, you can use it to back your loan. If you’re the sole owner of your car, you can get a loan using the value of your vehicle.”

This service is all the more vital given that institutions like banks, which are normally expected to provide financial aid, may still require applicants to overcome several obstacles and bureaucratic systems before they receive the aid they ask for. Fortunately for Qik Car Title Loan’s customers, the approval process takes only 15 minutes and requires very little in terms of documentation. Their application process was designed years ago to be as quick as possible, and this framework continues to be invaluable to the company’s customers.

This is evident in the company’s reviews. Andrew Olmos’ 5-Star Google review, for instance, shares that, “I had a loan out on my car with a competitor company, and the interest rate they were charging me was high. I called Qik Title Loans, and the loan officer was ready at hand, he was able to calm me down and assured me they would do the best to lower the interest rate. After a few questions, they told me that they will be able to buy out the other loan and lower the interest rate. If it wasn't for Qik Title Loans, I would probably not be writing this review. They saved my car and my life. Thank you.”

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