Coventry Dental Implants Dentist Offers Same Day Full Mouth Teeth Replacement

Verum Cosmetic Dentists

Dr Chetan Mathias at Verum Cosmetic Dentists in Coventry, UK, is uniquely aware about the deterioration in the quality of life when someone loses a large number of their teeth.

Besides not being able to chew and enjoy food, a person who loses their teeth also has to deal with the issue of self-confidence in social gatherings.

Dentures are an option. But patients constantly complain about loose fit and sore gum spots and the continuous hassles associated with maintaining them.

Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. Once placed in the mouth, they can be maintained just like regular teeth, with daily brushing and flossing.

Verum Cosmetic Dentists offer a high-tech dental treatment for providing teeth replacement with dental implants.

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“When it comes to placing dental implants into the jaw of a patient, it is very important to do complete due diligence and determine the best spots in the jaw. One needs to avoid weak bone spots to assure longevity of the implant. Also, one needs to avoid hitting important nerves, as otherwise the implant placement can lead to permanent numbness in the face,” explained Dr Mathias.

At his fully equipped dental practice, Dr Mathias is offering same day full mouth teeth replacement treatment to his patients. His dental clinic is the centre of excellence in implant treatment in Coventry. To ensure that his patients have as few appointments with him as possible, because very few people look forward to a visit to a dentist, Dr Mathias offers same day whole mouth implant treatment.

A video detailing how a full arch teeth replacement procedure with dental implants is conducted can be seen here:

Patients of Dr Mathias write glowing reviews about his work. Glenn M., who had an implants procedure done by Dr Chetan Mathias wrote the following review on Google: “I heard about Verum Cosmetic Dentists through a friend who, like me, is terrified of dentists and who said he now has no worries about attending for check-ups or dental work. I needed implants in my upper jaw and was put at ease when the procedure and timescale was explained to me. The work was completed, and I can now smile again, something I hadn't done for a long time. I would highly recommend you visit Verum Cosmetic Dentists. I now wouldn't go anywhere else.”

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