Country Club, Bronx Personal Injury Attorney Kucher Law Group Talks About Situations Where a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Country Club, Bronx - Personal Injury Attorney Samantha Kucher recently released a new article that discusses situations where personal injury attorneys may be able to help. These situations include car accidents, slip and falls, nursing home negligence, wrongful death, and more.

The Country Club, Bronx personal injury attorney mentions in the article that the Bronx actually sees the highest number of injury-causing accidents. These accidents often lead to severe injuries, huge medical expenses, time off from work, and even deaths.

Country Club, Bronx personal injury attorney

Attorney Samantha Kucher says, “Almost one in five vehicle accidents in New York City leads to an injury. After a vehicle accident in the Bronx, it can take the victim weeks, months, or even years to heal and return to some semblance of normalcy.”

The Bronx attorney also goes on to say that it is important for a car accident victim to have a skilled lawyer by their side, especially if the accident was a product of negligence. Receiving proper compensation for the damages the victim has received needs to be the priority of the lawyer.

In the article, the personal injury lawyer talks about slip and fall accidents. The lawyer says, “Trip and fall or slip and fall accidents are among the most prevalent reasons for personal injury, and can result in severe consequences, especially when they involve older adults or children.”

The Bronx attorney, Samantha Kucher, adds that if an accident is caused by the negligence of a property owner, then the owner can be held responsible for the injuries the victim sustained. Although slip and fall injuries are oftentimes covered by insurance, some insurance providers can be tough to deal with.

Aside from the aforementioned, the lawyer discusses nursing home abuse in the article, too. She mentions that in the United States, there are about 1.4 million who live in nursing homes. However, nursing home abuse and negligence are also on the rise.

Nursing home neglect is becoming typical in the US according to attorney Samantha Kucher. She also adds that these kinds of abuse can be sued and the victim can receive the compensation they deserve.

Lastly, the Country Club, Bronx personal injury lawyer adds that a personal injury lawyer can also help with a wrongful death case. The lawyer says, “A wrongful death claim seeks a financial award for damages from the at-fault party in order to compensate family members for their losses resulting from the death of their loved one.”

The attorney mentions that a personal injury attorney may be able to help the victim’s family understand their legal rights and options.

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