Costs of Care at Some Long-Term Care Facilities Are Much Higher than that of Other Senior Assisted Living Options

Senior Care Center Buena Park, an online resource to guide families looking for an appropriate long-term care facility for seniors, wants to emphasize that the costs of care at some long-term care facilities are much higher when compared to other senior assisted living options. One example of these highly priced assisted living facilities can be found near Seattle. Although it is somewhat upscale, it can’t really be considered as ”high class.” It is of substantial size and has dozens of seniors already living there. Senior residents are charged for the “apartment” in which they reside and some basic services come with it. These include the provision of appliances and blinds, weekly housekeeping and linens, and electric power and water supply. Also included in the price are “recreation” services, 24-hour presence of staff, and scheduled transportation. It only includes two daily meals, which means breakfast is not included. Also, telephone charges are not included.

It is important to note there will be a lot of additional medical and personal services that will be charged separately. For the example mentioned, these include: $50 per month for a daily wake-up call; $70 for making the bed daily; $30 per hour for housekeeping; $95 per month for breakfast; $165 per month if residents can wash themselves but have to watched; additional $60 if a staff member has to help them shower, $140 if two staff members are needed; $100 per month for getting daily reminder to change clothes, $175 per month if a staff member has to spend less than 10 minutes to help the resident put on clothes, $250 is charged if 15 of 20 minutes needed; $350 for a “structured toileting program”; and more.

A representative for Senior Care Center Buena Park says, “The cost of care is a vital consideration because seniors are likely to have a limited budget for their retirement. Each assisted living facility has varying levels of amenities and we can provide the guidance that seniors and their families may need to choose the most appropriate facility for a specific senior.”

Senior Care Center Buena Park has a team of care advisors who assess every unique situation to make sure that the most suitable assisted living facility will be chosen. They are ready to listen to the various details of of each senior requiring a long-term care facility. Those who want to know their exact location can click here.

There are a number of options for senior assisted living and one example is the senior apartment. Senior apartments are independent living communities for seniors with ages 55 and up. Those who are healthy and can perform daily routine activities, including getting dressed, taking a bath, eating, walking, and other related activities, are suitable for senior apartments. These are divided into categories depending on the need for some medical are or personal care services. What differentiates them from the other assisted living facilities is that their residents require minimal assistance for personal care or medical care.

For seniors who need 24-hour medical care, nursing homes may be appropriate. These are for seniors who require intensive medical attention and they can’t be care for at home. Nursing home residents are seniors who have a chronic illness or are recovering from an illness or injury. Therefore, nursing homes have professionals who can offer different kinds of services, including memory therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and more. They also have more medical resources, including electronic beds, oxygen tanks, and dialysis machines.

Memory care homes are for seniors with memory loss because of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Residents are supervised 24/7 to ensure that they won’t wander around and get lost. Structured programs and routines are available to help them keep a healthy and have a balanced lifestyle. The structured activities can help in improving familiarity and are designed to delay the progress of memory loss.

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