Cosmetic Dentist Available At Palisades Dental

American Fork, Utah based Palisades Dental is reaching out to share that they are providing cosmetic dentistry services. The dental clinic is proud to be among the leading family dentistry practices in Utah. More information about the dental practice can be found at the following link:

Palisades Dental provides a variety of cosmetic dentistry services, such as teeth whitening, dental implants, inlays and overlays and so on. The dental clinic boasts that their teeth process is so quick that only one visit is needed to complete the procedure, and that patients will see results immediately following their appointment (unlike store-bought teeth whiteners or other alternatives). For dental implants, Palisades Dental offers implants that both look and feel like natural teeth and are fully functional even with any existing dental work.

Dr. Jeff Youngquist of Palisades Dental says, “We understand that your smile is one of your most precious features. This is why we take great pride in providing a comprehensive list of cosmetic dentistry services that allow us to repair or restore your teeth and ensure that you have a healthy mouth and a perfect smile. We didn’t become one of the best cosmetic dentists in American Fork, UT by doing the bare minimum. We do our absolute best to provide a safe, cost-effective and convenient service that gives you a flawless smile.”

Dr. Youngquist has been practicing dentistry for over 10years. Since graduating from the University of Minnesota, he has spent significant time devoted to Pediatric dentistry, implants and cosmetic dentistry. As a result, Dr. Youngquist is uniquely capable of attending to the needs of patients of any age for any need.

Starting in 2011, the dentist also practiced in Southern California. It was there where he was able to gain extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry. He was a partner in a private practice in Orange Country until he began devoting his full attention to Utah dentistry. He eventually purchased his current practice from Dr John Capua in 2014. Since then, he has been serving the community of American Fork and the surrounding areas with great pride in his work.

The services provided by Palisades Dental have earned them the admiration of the local community, as is made evident by their Google profile where they boast a perfect 5-Star rating (from nearly 300 reviews). Jeffrey McMullen says in a recent review “Best dentist in Utah. I've been going to Dr. Youngquist for around 15 years, and his work is spectacular. Never had a filling fall out, no pain or problems from them, and my crowns are rock solid. His team of hygienists are friendly and skilled, and his prices are fair. You won't regret coming here.”

Meanwhile, in another review, Sheila Cheff says, “Dr Jeff is such a great dentist! I went into his office thinking I would need an extraction and an implant and crown on a tooth that had been hurting me for at least nine months. Dr. Jeff completed an exam and checked the area that's been hurting me and reported the X-Ray and his findings were that my tooth was good and there was no infection, explaining that I have been hitting high on my tooth and causing it to hurt all the time. After he adjusted my bite on that tooth and checked all the teeth in that area, I'm out of pain! No more antibiotics or Tylenol and Ibuprofen. I should have gone to see him nine months ago! I highly recommend Dr. Jeff Youngquist!”

In addition to providing their services in American Fork, Palisades Dental also caters to patients from other parts of Utah, including but not limited to Lehi, Highland, Cedar Hills, Pleasant Grove, Vineyard and Orem.

Learn more about Palisades Dental, their history in the field and their wide-ranging services on their official website. Those interested may reach out to Dr. Jeff Youngquist via email or phone to follow up on any further inquiries. Additionally, social media users may follow Palisades Dental on their preferred platforms in order to stay abreast of their latest activities, announcements and offers. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

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