Corporate Film Production Tips for Taipei Companies in 2021

Taipei, Taiwan - Rainmaker Video Production, a top film house in Taipei, is sharing insights to Taiwan's businesses on how to take advantage of video trends in this new year. As the new year just started, many Taiwanese companies are in the midst of planning their strategies for 2021. With the start of the ongoing pandemic, the past year made many businesses aware that doing business as usual will not help them.

Rainmaker Video Production creates corporate films in Taipei and Taiwan area. Local companies and manufacturers approach the Rainmaker for creating marketing films introducing their brand and company as well as new products.

Four Trends Companies Can Take Advantage of for Their Corporate Films
Many businesses approach the Rainmaker Video Production Team with the request for a single video. Often this video ends up on the company YouTube channel and has barely any views. Rainmaker suggests that buinesses start to plan on taking advantage of the latest video trends to get a better ROI on their investment.

Trend 1: Drone Shots
Drone shots attract the viewers. The unique bird view angle draws the human brain. Familiar objects and scenes are shown from an unfamiliar perspective, attracting the attention of the viewer. Not long ago, drone shots were expensive to make, but technological innovation made them affordable. Many companies make the mistake of having their corporate films focus on fancy brand messaging without a compelling story. The audience quickly starts to tune out and lose interest. Drone shots help to keep their attention.

Trend 2: Vertical Video
Several social media now support vertical video content. When just planning for a single version of a corporate film, opportunities are lost. The final ROI will be increased by planning from the start to create multiple versions and formats of the same video. Sharing the content and message numerous times on the same social media using different video sizes and formats increases the chance to attract potential clients' attention. Vertical videos have been shown to take much better advantage of the mobile phone screen's vertical format.

Trend 3: Repurposing Corporate Video Content
Corporate Films are usually of longer format. To create them, the film crews have to make many shots and generate a lot of video material. Keeping it all just for a single video is wasteful. Companies can think of how to create the content to be cut up into shorter versions and different sizes and formats. When marketing campaigns are included in the annual planning, using the entire video material reduces cost significantly. Video ads show to be cheaper and more effective. Having available material on hand, even the marketing team can quickly create ads and experiment with messages.

Trend 4: Quantity versus Quality
Social media influencers have shown and proved that quantity has a much higher ROI than quality. Since the onset of the pandemic and the Internet meetings from home, people and companies have lowered their guards. The old marketing rules are still valid; it takes multiple touchpoints to engage with potential clients. It will bring much higher ROI to create a lot of content at mid-level quality than making a Hollywood style video that looks fancy but ends up as a flop. Buyers crave nowadays even more for authentic material that shows them who is behind the corporate walls.

Taiwan based companies planning corporate films for 2021 can contact Rainmaker Video Production to get a free consultation on how to invest their marketing budget for best results.

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