Corporate Awards Store in Manassas, VA Highlights the Importance of Leaders Encouraging their Employees During this Time

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Manassas, VA- Leading Manassas corporate gifts store Award Crafters explains to the business community why it is so important to encourage their employees at this time. So many businesses have been temporarily shut down, modified, or have sent their employees home to work during the COVID-19 outbreak. Now that businesses are beginning to open up again and employees are returning back to work, it is especially important that leaders make sure their employees feel encouraged and motivated.

The virus pandemic drastically changed daily life. Many individuals had to begin working from home, many received a significant cut in hours and many experienced layoffs. After these changes, it took some time for individuals to get back into the "swing of things". Well, now that businesses are reopening and employees are returning to the office, it will once again take time for individuals to readjust. A great way for bosses and managers to help their people during this process is to add incentive and maybe a little extra fun.

For employees who are returning to the office after working from home for so long, implementing a contest or reward system can work wonders for their adjustment process. Since teams have not been working in the office as of late, employees have not worked physically alongside their team members for a significant amount of time. Holding a contest among them will encourage unity and teamwork, as well as enhance motivation in a fun way.

The Manassas promotional gifts presented to the employees should be personal, special and unique, such as the glass awards or personalized luxury clocks available at Award Crafters. These types of items make great rewards because they are tangible, which means they will not be easily forgotten and can even be displayed on one’s desk. In addition, because these rewards are unique and often personalized, they produce better results than a generic reward, such as a gift card.

Award Crafters recognizes the difficulty that businesses are going through in having to be extra flexible for so long. They believe that the corporate awards they offer can greatly benefit places of business by creating a unified and motivated spirit among employees. For more information regarding the wide product selection offered at Award Crafters, give them a call today at (703) 818-0500 or visit their website at


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