Cornelius Medical Spa Offers Wellness and Cosmetic Treatments Under One Roof

Cornelius, NC based Purefico MedSpa & Therapy is pleased to invite local clients to make use of their med spa, cosmetic treatments and therapy. The company offers a wide variety of procedures and treatments, ranging from popular options such as Botox and dermal fillers to quality of life services such as injury and physical therapy. Purefico specializes in helping clients feel good inside and out.

According to the company, many may not be aware of the state of their wellness and so would remain unaware of what treatments they should seek. Fortunately, Purefico is able to conduct check ups through their Wellness Visits, which clients may use as a starting point to determine what other actions they can take in pursuit of a comprehensively healthy lifestyle. As people become more accustomed with the wellness industry, they soon realize that healthcare and insurance companies place a heavier priority on their profits than on truly improving a patient’s life. At Purefico MedSpa & Therapy, however, clients can bypass this indifference and get help from wellness experts who are truly committed to their better health.

For one, Purefico eschews the practice of using drugs to mask symptoms, choosing instead to rely on tried and tested treatments that focus more on preventive care and long-term solutions. The goal in every case is to improve the client’s overall health and wellness, righting what is wrong with their bodies as well as giving them the knowledge and tools to take better care of themselves.

Those who arrive for their first Wellness Visit will find that Purefico offers a thorough diagnostic session in which any underlying health issues will be brought to light. In the event they report symptoms of bloating, abdominal pain, fatigue, skin conditions and so on, for instance, Purefico may run a Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) to help them develop a solution for the patient’s gastrointestinal complaints. Those who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) may find the answers they seek through this test as well. Learn more here:

Purefico MedSpa & Therapy also offers numerous cosmetic procedures to their clientele, including body sculpting, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, cold light therapy and even tattoo removal. While some of these procedures are well known, others are difficult to find at clinics that do not dedicate themselves as much to the field as Purefico does.

Collagen Red Light Therapy, for instance, can be used to safely and naturally rejuvenate a patient’s skin, bringing out a more youthful appearance by stimulating collagen production. Purefico adds that this particular procedure has the bonus effect of detoxifying the skin. According to Purefico, this technology is perfect for those who are beginning to notice their fine lines getting deeper and their skin pigmentation gradually getting more uneven. Red Light Therapy can be used virtually everywhere on the body that such skin issues present themselves, and the clinic is pleased to share that each session only takes around 20 minutes.

Purefico MedSpa & Therapy strongly believes in working alongside patients to achieve their optimum state of wellness, and their consistently professional conduct has contributed to the clinic’s overall success. As Elisabeth R. explains in their 5-Star review, “Melissa gave me an amazing O2 Lift Facial today. My skin's texture is much smoother, and I felt completely pampered. I haven't had a facial in years because I never felt like it really helped my skin; at other places, I'd leave with welts on my skin. Not here! I left with much better looking skin and even booked a massage on my way out the door.”

Holly R. adds in their own review that, “I am so grateful that I found Body Electric and ARP Wave Therapy. It changed my life, my health and enabled me to work out again and get out of pain. The technology and approach they have is amazing, and Melissa and her team are caring. I would recommend it to anyone that is battling with pain, injury and weight challenges!”

Further details regarding Purefico’s services can be found on their official website. Clients are also welcome to connect with the Purefico MedSpa & Therapy team through their social media platforms. Find them here: Purefico - Facebook.


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