Cooper City Real Estate Optimistic with the Florida Housing Market Showing Signs of Returning to Normal

Realtor Colleen Deegan of Cooper City Real Estate, Hollywood, FL, has indicated that she is optimistic as the Florida housing market showed signs that it is heading back towards normalcy. According to July 2021 statistics from Florida Realtors, media prices for single-family existing homes have increased by 20.3 percent year-over-year, while the prices for condos and townhomes rose by 20.5 percent. In addition, active listings of single-family homes have been increasing throughout July, which could be a positive development for home buyers, who had been forced to temporarily shelve their plans to buy a home due to the shortage of available homes for sale. However, the recovery is expected to be slow and the inventory was still very tight in July. Nevertheless, Colleen Deegan is ready to help home buyers. Those who are planning to buy a home can be guided by

Colleen Deegan encourages home buyers to buy today while interest rates for home financing are very close to record lows. Sam Khater, chief economist at Freddie Mac, says, “As the economy works to get back to its pre-pandemic self, and the fight against COVID-19 variants unfolds, owners and buyers continue to benefit from some of the lowest mortgage rates of all-time.” However, home buyers will need to make the decision soon because experts believe that the interest rates will soon increase in the coming months.

With housing prices on the rise while interest rates are very close to a record low, home buyers only have a small window of opportunity to make the decision to buy. But if they do buy a home, they will be benefiting from the projected increase in housing prices, which means their investment in their homes will rapidly increase in value in the succeeding months. And because home financing rates are currently at very low levels, home buyers have an opportunity to buy a bigger home than they would if they waited too long and the rates start to rise again.

As for home flippers, the statistics bode well with the rise in home prices. While house flippers experienced low gains during the pandemic, they are likely to be looking forward to the future as the housing market steadily heads back towards normalcy. Realtor Colleen Deegan, with her diverse experience in full-service residential home buying and selling, can offer the necessary guidance to home buyers so they can avoid potential pitfalls as they chose the home that is right for them and decide on the timing.

Aside from home buyers, Colleen Deegan is also ready to help home sellers. With home prices rising, she can guide sellers when would be the best time to sell their home. More information about this can be gleaned from Home sellers will need to examine a number of factors before finally making the decision to sell. These include: their reason for selling; when they should sell; the current state of the market; and how to optimize their finances.

Colleen Deegan has developed a reputation as one of the most reputable real estate professionals in South Florida. She holds a BA in Literature from Florida International University and a pre-law degree from the University of Louisville. She has been serving the South Florida community for 12 years as a real estate agent, property manager, and real estate investor. She is a member of the Plantation Chamber of Commerce, The Tower Club of Ft. Lauderdale, the Davie Cooper City Chamber of Commerce, Mothers of Preschoolers, the Young Professionals Network, Women’s Board of Realtors, and FemCity.

She says, “My goal as a real estate professional is to not only sell houses, but I aim to educate my clients on the entire real estate process in a clear and concise manner. From house hunting to closings, I will be with you every step of the way, answering every question, email, and phone call.”

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