Releases Buyers Guide That Ranks The Best Dog Cooling Vests People Can Buy Right Now

A website dedicated to all things cooling has recently put out a buyers guide that ranks the best dog cooling vests on Amazon in 2020. The team behind the site wanted to make a conscious effort towards providing its readers with a valuable resource in combating overheating in dogs.

In a study done by the NCDC, global average temperatures have been steadily climbing for the past 30 years. This could be a strong reason for the increase in yearly reported cases of overheating dogs in the US. It’s not far off to assume that dogs, too, are having a tough time adapting to the rising temperatures. “Dogs don’t exactly have the same modern luxuries humans have such as air conditioning to combat the heat,” says a researcher from the site.

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That’s why the team behind created such a detailed article. The article also has a buyer’s guide which lists down all the most important characteristics you have to consider when looking to purchase a cooling vest for your dog. “Although we understand that not everybody’s dog has the same needs, we try to accommodate as many dog breeds and dog owners when we do our buyer’s guides.” The team’s researchers also included information such as what are good materials for dog cooling vests to be made out of and what extra features are available with different dog cooling vest models.

Here’s what a staff writer said in a recent interview when asked what they look for when choosing the products they feature on their list, “When researching the products that are featured on the site, we always try to include dog cooling vests that offer different things whether that be the best value for money, special features like extra pouches or leash loops. It can also be something as simple as a dog cooling vest with a lot of color options.” Dog owners like to make their pet an extension of themselves. That’s why the team looked at creating a tone that would resonate with people because the article reads like something owners would read about when shopping for clothes for themselves. That way, it would be much easier for readers to pick the right cooling vest since they relate to the content.

The team further explained their use of a prominent pros and cons section for each of their featured products stating, “The reason behind that is because buyers love to compare products before they make a purchase. Most people don’t have that much money to the point that they would just go and buy the first thing that they see. That’s why there is a pros and cons section already baked into the site, so readers can have an easier time comparing options that will lead to a purchase.”

Finally, the site also includes an FAQ section since not a lot of owners know exactly what dog cooling vests are, how they work, and how to use them. “Dog cooling vests haven’t exactly been around that long, so the information and questions that were gathered to fill the FAQ section aren’t all from users, the research team took extra time and effort to analyze the possible questions that users may have regarding their dog cooling towels by looking at related products and their FAQs,” says one of the lead content directors of the site. To check out the buyers guide in full visit

The site is further slated to include a sprawling blog section with a solid weekly content plan on the way. The blog articles will be related to main cooling topics provided by the content director. Further details will be posted on the site as they are released.


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