Releases Blogs Regarding Tips Construction Workers Can Use To Keep Safe, a website dedicated to all things cooling, released an article that warns construction workers about the dangers that working in the heat poses and what they can do to protect themselves from it. The site has done extensive research about emerging weather trends and have found out that temperature averages have been steadily trending upward and, in this year alone, temperatures across the country have been hitting all-time highs. “This isn’t a good thing, especially for those working outdoors under the sun, like construction workers,” says Cody Wise, senior content manager for the website.

“Most sites or news outlets out there that offer tips for staying cool only tell people to stay out of the heat rather than give tips on how to stay cool while they’re actually in the sun. Construction workers don’t have the luxury of simply getting into shade when the sun shows itself. This article focuses more on the steps people who need it should take when they’re already out in the sun and can’t really take to shade,” says a content writer for the article. He noticed that the majority or information available online only discussed what workers can do once they’re already out in the shade. The site differentiates itself from others by identifying key practices that workers can adopt to keep safe while in the actual sun.

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The site further makes arguments about the efficacy of cooling towels and cooling vests stating, “Don’t underestimate the power of a good quality cooling towel or vest. These can really help you stay cool under the heat of the sun. Cooling towels and vests work by a principle called evaporative cooling, a process where heat energy is taken away from the surface of your skin by the evaporation of a liquid, water in this case. You just soak the towel or vest in some nice, cool tap water, wring it out and for vests obviously you wear them but for towels, the best advice we heard was you should wrap it around the back of your neck as this is one of the spots on your body that is particularly sensitive to overheating.Wiping your face and letting the towel sit there for a few seconds can really reinvigorate and refresh you. Make sure that your cooling towel is active before you use it, though.” This comes from the recent trend that cooling products, like the ones mentioned, have recently been making. The rise in temperatures created a need for a cheap way that people can stay cool in the heat. While unconventional, there is good research supporting the efficacy of cooling towels and vests. The site reassures its readers that all the products they endorse have been personally tested by them and by third party contributors, allowing for an unbiased look.

Lastly, the site warns workers about the dangers of working in the heat. The site has a subheading in the article that reads, “Heat exhaustion or heat fatigue can manifest itself in a number of ways. Make sure you monitor yourself if you start developing one or more of these symptoms and notify someone immediately so you can get some first aid: dizziness, shortness of breath, blurry vision, palpitations, excessive heavy breathing, and numbness of the extremities.”


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