Creates List Ranking The Best Cooling Neck Wraps People Can Buy Right Now came out with a buying guide that details the uses of cooling neck towels and what customers should look at to make a good purchase. The guide made lists the 8 top cooling neck wraps and where to get them. The list includes a brief introduction to each product, the key features, a pros and cons list, and their specifications like the material and weight. The guide also includes an FAQ section where the site’s research team gathered the most common cooling neck wrap questions users had online and on forums.

A frequent question the site’s creators get is why is there a specific cooling product made for the neck. The site explains that the neck is a vulnerable part of the body especially when it comes to heat. The brain is the organ that produces the most amount of heat in the body and most of this heat radiates down through the scalp and face, but a good portion of this heat spills over to the neck as it’s got nowhere else to go and the neck offers a relatively large surface area where the heat can radiate. This is why the neck can feel uncomfortably hot when the temperature gets a little hot. Cooling neck wraps are specifically designed to fit around the neck and are good at helping the heat dissipate faster.

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The guide explained what cooling neck wraps are stating, “Cooling neck wraps, also referred to as neck gaiters or cooling scarfs, are thin, often elongated shaped, pieces of fabric that users wrap around their neck to help them cool down using some simple science. To use them, just soak the neck wrap in some cool tap water for a few seconds, wring and give them a good snap. This is how to use virtually every cooling neck wrap out there.”

The guide also lists some of the benefits that people can get from getting a cooling neck wrap such as a lower chance of overheating, sweat absorption and wicking, and they can even accent their style with a cooling neck wrap. Cooling the neck can have a massive impact on the overall body temperature. If people experience hot flashes often then using a cooling neck wrap can decrease their body temperature significantly.

The site also noted something that isn’t readily apparent from advertising, which is sweat absorption. It is a very important use of neck wraps because excess sweat can end up making people feel hotter than actually making people feel cool and neck wraps can absorb and wick this excess sweat away thus making them feel cool and refreshed.

According to the article, many manufacturers design their cooling neck wraps in such a way that they look sleek and stylish. It can become a sort of fashion statement where users can actually feel proud of. Wearing other cooling solutions can feel silly and oftentimes they’re a bit bulky.

Finally, the article addresses what size of cooling neck wrap is optimum for people to use. The article said that there isn’t really a defined standard when it comes to a cooling neck wrap. Some products can measure up to 3 feet long, which is enough to envelop the neck more than twice, while some can only wrap around the neck barely once. “The main thing buyers want to ask themselves is what they’re going to be doing while they’re wearing the cooling neck wrap. If people are going to be working and moving while wearing their neck wrap, then it may be better for those people to choose a longer cooling neck wrap that can envelop the neck for a secure fit.”


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