Cool Planet Water Supplies Bottleless Water Coolers In OC

Orange, CA based Cool Planet Water would like to bring their community’s attention to their office water cooler rental in Santa Ana, CA. The company supplies high quality bottleless dispensers from trusted manufacturers to offices in and around Orange County. Starting at only $30 per month, Cool Planet Water’s dispensers provide an affordable water supply solution for offices of all kinds. The company helps big and small companies save a great deal of money by switching to filtered and reverse osmosis bottleless water coolers.

The savings generated from using an efficient water dispenser can easily turn into hundreds of dollars a month. At small businesses, an office of 8 - 10 people usually goes through 6 - 8 5-gallon water bottles a month. In cases like this, drinking water can easily cost anywhere between $45 and $70 per month. Offices of 21 - 25 people generally require 17 - 20 5-gallon bottles, which makes the total cost of drinking water every month more than $160 every month. This amounts to over 500% of the monthly cost of an office water cooler dispenser from Cool Planet Water. With Cool Planet Water, a business can simply pay a single flat monthly fee in return for unlimited access to all the water they can drink — for the equivalent of less than a dollar a day. They also do not add fuel surcharges for water deliveries, lost bottle penalties or any other surprise charges to their incredibly low rates.

At Cool Planet Water, they pride themselves on being the top bottleless filtered drinking water system supplier. “We provide service beyond just a delivered box and an installation manual,” the company says. “We work with our customers to help them choose the correct system to fit their specific needs. We deliver and install each water dispenser using our own in-house technicians and provide ongoing service to ensure great-tasting drinking water for your office or facility all year long. We also offer unbeatable prices. In short, we believe in service.”

They are committed to delivering a personalized and responsive service that utilizes environmentally sustainable solutions, best-in-class equipment and more. One of the advantages of this approach is that it saves their customers an average of 60% versus traditional office water delivery (with the added benefit of not having to store and lift heavy plastic water bottles). Reducing the number of plastic bottles added to landfills is also an excellent way to reduce a business’ environmental footprint. Bottleless water dispensers and coolers refill automatically, meaning offices have an unlimited supply of purified water. A bottleless water dispenser in Anaheim, CA is one of the best ways to address the water supply requirements of any office.

A number of business owners have left excellent reviews of the company on their Google profile. D. Velasar says that the company offers, “Great water and even better service. Installation date was less than a week after the order was placed, which was far sooner than other office water cooler rental companies I spoke with. The customer service has been fantastic, and the technician was very knowledgeable and took all of the necessary COVID precautions. The price is affordable, and I am so happy I don't have to buy bottled water anymore!”

Another pleased business owner, S. Varrick, goes on to explain that, “I couldn't be happier with Cool Planet Water! I own a Pilates studio, and we were shut down for months due to Covid-19. As part of the reopening guidelines, we were required to offer either individual water bottles (too expensive) or a touchless water cooler. Luckily, the amazing team at Cool Planet Water was able to install an affordable touchless bottleless water dispenser less than one week after I called. Amanda was very helpful and made the process so easy. The technician was a total professional and followed all of the COVID precautions. I can't say enough good things about Cool Planet Water's bottleless water cooler rental service!”

For more information on the top bottleless water cooler supplier in Anaheim, CA, visit the company’s website. They are always happy to help their customers find office water supply solutions that are more convenient and affordable.


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