Contractors License School In San Fernando Valley Now Open For New Students

Burbank, CA based Contractors State License Center is pleased to announce that they are offering classes for those who wish to take the California contractor license exam. Contractors State License Center is the only contractors license school in San Fernando Valley that offers free tutoring to their students.

Those who finish contractor school are not automatically allowed to work on major projects in California. The law dictates that any business or individual who builds or alters any structure (such as highways, roads and parking facilities) in Los Angeles must be licensed by the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) if the total cost of the contracts on the project is $500 or more. They may only work on projects without a license if they are performing minor work exclusively. For this exemption to apply, unlicensed contractors are required to provide a written disclosure that states that they are not licensed by the CSLB.

‘Minor work’ refers to projects where the total cost of the contracts amounts to less than $500. Dividing a major project into multiple minor ones is not allowed either, whether or not the projects will be worked on by the same or different contractors. This means that subcontractors, speciality contractors and others in the industry of home improvement must possess a license to legally work on major projects. Each contractor’s license is not exactly the same. There are licenses for various contractor classifications, such as general engineering contractors and general builders. People can also be licensed for specialized trades, such as drilling, landscaping and masonry.

A contractor’s license can be obtained by taking and passing a test administered by the CSLB after finishing contractor school. However, doing so is not an easy task. The California contractor license exam is a difficult one that requires lots of knowledge in order to pass. The contractor exam license exam is divided into two tests — the standard Law and Business examination and a second test that will deal with a specific certification area depending on the examinee. Those who apply for the C-61 limited specialty classification are exempt from the second test. The tests will be entirely in a multiple-choice format where the examiness are given four options per question. The first part of the exam will have around 125 questions while the second part will have around 80 to 125 questions on average.

Interested parties should take note that trade examinations vary in length depending on the specific trade classification. In order to pass the law test, contractors are required to get at least 73% of the questions correctly. For the trade examinations, the exact percentage of correct answers required varies from classification to classification. However, contractors license exam takers will be informed about this percentage at their test site. Due to how demanding the California contractors license exam is, most need the proper study material and external assistance in order to pass. Fortunately, Contractor State License Center is ready to provide their assistance to all those who wish to secure a contractor's license.

Contractor State License Center is a contractors license school in San Fernando Valley based in Burbank. They have more than 20 years of experience which allow them to provide their students with the skills and knowledge they need to pass the California contractors license examination. Contractors State License Center makes use of an exam-focused approach where everything they impart will be useful for passing the exam. They have organized their materials in a fashion that allows their students to easily understand and process the information, making their study process both simple and efficient. They provide informative classes and interactive practice tests that help their students pass the license exam on their first try. The Contractors State License Center also has a full time contractor who is constantly studying test requirements. This allows them to adapt their services to the tests. The Contractors State License Center has a very high success rate and is even willing to return their students’ money if they fail to provide what they have promised.

Those looking for contractor license classes in Los Angeles are welcome to contact the Contractors State License Center to get started. They may also learn more by visiting the Contractors State License Center website.


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