Contractors License School In Los Angeles Remains Accessible To Students

The Burbank, CA based Contractors State License Center (CSLC) is taking steps to reassure both current and future students that they will keep sharing updates throughout the coming months. As state authorities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Center asserts that students will always be able to reach out and discuss their schedule with a representative if required.

A long time contractors license school in Los Angeles, the Contractors State License Center has long provided assistance to students who wanted to undergo the state exam for their California Contractors License. Given that this license is crucial for contractors who wish to widen the scope of their operations and take on more responsibility in the field (within California), the Center has long played a vital role in helping students pass this examination. As the vast majority of their former students are aware, one of the Contractors State License Center’s defining traits is the fact that their lessons help contractors pass the test the first time they take it.

However, recent events have forced many businesses, educational institutions and individuals to re-examine their schedules, and CSLC observes that several students have chosen to postpone classes (and therefore the test) as they wait in hope for a more opportune time in the near future. While the Center normally advocates that students attend classes in person, they also have a home study program that students are welcome to take advantage of at any time.

Speaking on behalf of the Contractors State License Center, owner Eric Jacobs says, “Our observations have shown us many times over that a classroom environment is the best format through which our students absorb the information they need to pass the exam for their California Contractors License but that does not mean they have to delay their educational pursuits. We recognize that the onset of the pandemic may have disrupted many students’ ability to take the classroom option. Therefore, we encourage all who wish to sit for the exam to strongly consider our home study program.” Interested parties may learn more about the California contractors home study courses at CSLC on their website.

Testimonials from their students can help illustrate the value represented by the Center’s courses. As Idy G. says in their 5-Star Yelp review, “This school has definitely impacted my life in so many ways. Three schools turned me down, and Eric was the only one who took a chance on me and got me my General Building contractors license. The study material and practice exams helped me out so much to pass my exam. The support I received was amazing; there are no words to describe how much they truly care. Even after I passed, I went back and Matt took care of my insurance needs with reasonable prices. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone seeking their contractors license.”

Similarly, Michael C.’s equally high-rated review says, “Thank you, Eric and Ray, for helping us obtain our General B. Contractors license. You guys took care of us from start to finish. Susan and I appreciate it!” Notably, the Contractors State License Center also boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

CSLC’s primary goal is to help their students prepare for the exam to such an extent that they pass it the first time they take it. Given that pursuing the California State Contractors License more often than not requires an investment of both time and money, it is in a contractor’s best interests to pass the test on their first try. In some cases, having to resit the test may even cost them great career opportunities, especially if such opportunities are dependent on them being licensed.

More information regarding CSLC’s courses can be found on their official website and other online resources. Contractors and other parties are also welcome to get in touch with Eric Jacobs to follow up on any inquiries regarding the available programs. Learn more at the following link: Exam Preparation For Contractor License In California.


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