Contenders Prep Inflatable Paddleboards Ahead Of Annual Hanohano Huki Time Trial Challenge

Paddleboards USA, a San Diego, CA based supplier of inflatable paddle boards, would like to announce the upcoming 26th annual Hanohano Huki Time Trial Challenge. The event is one of the World’s Largest SUP Events and draws thousands every year. It is also one of the longest paddlesport races in California and always attracts a mix of top level professional athletes and beginners from the ages of seven all the way to 80.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recommendations from the CDC as well as federal and state government entities, the event will be a global time trial. One can find course suggestions that have been submitted through the Paddleguru link, and these courses can be done from almost anywhere in the world. Participants are encouraged to share time trial courses in their areas, and they can paddle on any craft or even run, hike or swim.

“The annual Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge in San Diego, California is the first major local race of the year for Southern California and sets the tone for the upcoming season,” says the event’s World’s Largest SUP Events listing. “The event is one of the Longest Running Paddlesport Races in California, offering access to all paddle crafts, including OC-1 & 2, Surfski, Traditional Paddleboard, Stand Up Paddleboard and Kayak. Every year it has a great mix of top level professional athletes and beginners, and over the past few years the event has seen more than 600 participants each year, which includes SUP and OC1 racers. Among several local talents in attendance, the Hanohano regularly sees some of the biggest names in SUP come out to compete, including Shae Foudy, Mo Freitas, April Zilg, Danny Ching, Candice Appleby, Jade Howson and others. This year will be a virtual event due to the pandemic but we suspect there will still be big numbers participating.”

The event has been hosted by Hanohano Outrigger Canoe Club since 1996 after they took over the San Diego Excel Surfski Race which was hosted by Egon Horcajo, which began in the late ‘80s. The challenge is now one of the premiere races in California and one of the biggest and longest running in the whole of the United States. The club is a non-profit organization that works to unite men and women who share an interest in participating in Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Racing at its highest competitive level. The club promotes good will and sportsmanship among its members and through events like the Ocean Challenge, seeks to bring people from all walks of life together.

Paddleboarding is a relaxing hobby enjoyed by many around the world. One can use their paddleboard in any number of different ways. One can do yoga in the ocean or simply use paddleboarding as an opportunity to get an intense workout. While it is possible to get a paddleboard while travelling, it is often better to bring an inflatable paddleboard. Whichever board one chooses to use, stand up paddleboarding is still one of the most exciting activities anyone can participate in. Getting equipment may initially seem overwhelming but it is a lot easier than it seems and once the equipment has been obtained, paddleboarding provides hours of entertainment for people of all ages.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing an inflatable paddleboard, and one can find countless articles on the topic online. One guide from The Sports Daily emphasizes the importance of calculating the volume of one’s board, for instance, explaining that, “Your paddle board volume is a unique variable for each surfer and can be easily calculated when you choose a new board. From our perspective, it is one of the most important factors when choosing a paddle board. We will choose our paddle board volume based on the weight, skill, age, physical shape and taste of each surfer.”

Find out more about paddleboarding, the upcoming Ocean Challenge and how to choose the correct inflatable paddle board by getting in touch with Jack Smith of Paddeboards USA or utilizing the various online resources on the subject. There is a great deal of joy to be found in the sport, and this year’s Hanohano Huki Time Trial Challenge is the perfect opportunity to begin exploring the world of paddleboarding.


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