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Clean Group Sydney [ Tel: 1300 141 946 ], a commercial COVID cleaning service provider based in Sydney, has recently announced that it is offering a complete range of COVID cleaning, disinfection and sanitizing services along with a certification that confirms that the premises have been cleaned for covid and are safe to reopen.

As the COVID pandemic is still affecting businesses country-wide, Safe Work Australia (SWA) has issued guidelines for better cleaning and hygiene practices. According to SWA, disinfectant fogging is not the best approach for general COVID cleaning. Clean Group, therefore, uses the Electrostatic Disinfection method for commercial disinfection and sanitizing. This method involves the use of an electrostatic spray machine together with TGA-approved disinfectant chemicals for the cleaning of high-traffic areas and surfaces.

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Clean Group is also one of the first companies in Sydney to have started offering COVID clearance checklist and certification. “We are now also providing a checklist for all COVID related services. Our COVID Certification will help businesses get quick approval from the health department so that they can reopen in a safe and germ-free environment. We do not just clean areas that have been exposed to COVID but also deep clean and disinfect all high-traffic areas and touchpoints around the property,” says Suji Siv, CEO and owner of Clean Group.

It is worth noting that there are cleaning companies charging a huge fee from customers for disinfection fogging, which is not even a recommended method for COVID cleaning. So, it is crucial to engage the services of a reputable COVID cleaning provider using the right COVID cleaning method.

Clean Group is an award-winning commercial cleaning company with a dedicated team of trained COVID cleaning and disinfection specialists having years of experience in the cleaning of commercial premises, construction sites, and offices. Their cleaners have a keen eye to recognise areas where germs accumulate in a commercial place and will not miss anything when cleaning and disinfecting the client’s site. Besides deep cleaning all the areas and surfaces, they thoroughly disinfect all touchpoints and frequently used areas, including doors, handles & knobs, lightboards and switches, toilets, washbasins, faucets, window sills, kitchen slabs, bathrooms, and more to provide complete assurance of safety from COVID.

Clean Group offers both full COVID decontamination and precautionary COVID cleaning services to Sydney businesses. For premises where a confirmed case has been found, full covid cleaning and decontamination are recommended to quickly and efficiently deal with the virus and limit the infection spread as soon as possible. For other businesses where no COVID case has been reported yet, Clean Group’s basic COVID cleaning and disinfection service is the best way to safeguard against future infections. All Clean Group services are followed by routine inspections to ensure the cleaning meets SWA recommendations and the client’s expectations.

Clean Group’s Virus Shield covid cleaning method is able to remove up to 99.99% of germs from surfaces - even in places where the risk of infection is high - as well as protects the property from the risk of reinfection. They use a specialised sprayer machine to carefully disinfect all the areas and surfaces on the property, including hard floors, walls, doors, chairs, tables, wardrobes, windows, sofas, computers, keyboards, phones, and more, offering an overall high level of protection from the virus. Using this method, the disinfectant chemical can automatically cover the entire surface, killing germs even in hidden places like corners, the backside of chair armrests, behind door handles, and under the furniture.

Clean Group has a full-time team of skilled and trained cleaners with years of experience in infection control and cleaning in Australia. They are provided with world-class resources, equipment and protective gear, including the PPE kit, to offer COVID cleaning services in the most effective way possible. For businesses looking to get their Sydney premises disinfected as a precautionary step to prevent the virus infection, Clean Group can offer the best quality services at reasonable prices. All their standard COVID-19 cleaning services include general cleaning of premises, followed by complete disinfection of the entire place.

With the Delta variant of COVID spreading faster than the previous variants, it is not safe for businesses to take chances with the safety of their premises and workers. Contact Clean Group at 1300141946 or via email for complete COVID disinfection services and solutions.

For more information about Clean Group Sydney, contact the company here:

Clean Group

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For more information about Clean Group Sydney, contact the company here:

Clean Group Sydney
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