Construction Accident Attorney Keetick Sanchez Receives Another Glowing Review

Bronx, NY - Keetick Sanchez, a top-rated Bronx construction accident lawyer, continues to build upon her reputation with another positive client review.

Client Sherilyn Rodriguez says: “I really want to give thanks to the entire staff at Sanchez Law Firm | Construction Accident Lawyer for all the things you have [done] for us about our case. My husband has hurt on a construction accident site a year ago, and I don't know what I would have done without Ms. Sanchez and her team. They were the most respectful, experienced, reliable, and amazing team I have ever dealt with. Keetick and her entire office staff were consistently readily available to answer any questions I had and guided me thru the entire process. Her team made me feel like I was their only client. I felt like family. Keetick and her team know the workings of the legal system and settled for only the totally best for me, not to mentioned took care of my husband's workers compensation claims too! I am extremely happy with the outcome of our lawsuit and I highly recommend Sanchez Construction Accident Lawyers. There are no words to express my appreciation for everything you have [done] for us, outstanding service, and remarkable outcome. Thank you once more!”

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Based in Queens and with a service area in the Bronx, the New York Construction accident attorney has been successful in guiding clients through the processes and challenges of their cases. Construction accidents present some of the most complex variables in personal injuries, but Ms. Sanchez and her team at K L Sanchez Law Group work diligently to ensure that their clients are competently represented and fairly compensated.

On construction accidents, Ms. Sanchez said: “Construction accidents are some of the most difficult injury cases to handle. There’s just a lot to deal with when it comes to workers’ compensation, witness documentation, and testimony. But I enjoy these types of cases because of the level of impact we’re able to have on our clients and their lives. When we’re able to craft and execute an effective strategy and achieve a favorable outcome that provides adequate compensation for their traumatic experience, I consider all the time, effort, and stress worth it.”

Construction accident cases are known for their complicated nature and require a great deal of diligence and expertise to prove negligence and liability under New York laws.

Ms. Sanchez goes on to explain: “Experience and domain knowledge in this field are crucial. It can make all the difference between your clients getting their medical expenses and salary compensated or going into debt. A lot of victims fall outside of the coverage of worker’s compensation - such as independent contractors or subcontractors - so a good construction accident attorney needs to be able to identify and link different points of liability to collect compensation. My team works hard in this step to ensure that our clients can receive the fairest compensation for their injuries regardless of their level of employment.”

Ms. Sanchez and her team at Sanchez Law Firm | Construction Accident Lawyer, work tirelessly to ensure every detail of a construction accident case is thoroughly assessed. This includes reviews with OSHA or the building department to uncover prior violations from parties involved, reviewing police records, medical records, first responder records, and any previous workers’ compensation claims against the parties.

The commitment of Ms. Sanchez and her team extends far beyond typical injury attorneys. They also investigate all construction contracts and contractors involved, who owned and controlled equipment that was used, insurance policy provisions, job documents, and safety memos to establish if any safety standards had been violated. This attention to detail helps to establish the exact conditions that led to or caused the accident - factors that play a huge role in obtaining favorable outcomes for clients.

Ms. Sanchez service clients in Queens, the Bronx, and New York City in all types of construction accident cases. More information about Keetick Sanchez and her team at K L Sanchez Law Group can be found on their website.


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