Congressional Candidate, Jack Lombardi, Supports Will County Republican Party Censure of Kinzinger

Will County, Illinois – On Thursday, (February 18. 2021) the Will County (Illinois) Republican Party Central Committee voted to censure U.S. Congressman, Adam Kinzinger. The vote was an overwhelming 111 to 5 rebuke of Kinzinger. Republican, Jack Lombardi, who has recently announced his candidacy to oppose Kinzinger in the 2022 election, was present at the Will County meeting and supported the censure action.

The Will County Republican Party was the third county whose GOP leadership has voted to censure Kinzinger. (The other two being LaSalle and Winnebago). Most of the backlash has been in response to Kinzinger’s attacks on President Trump and upon Trump supporters.

Jack Lombardi for Congress IL 16th District

Kinzinger supported invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office. He voted to impreach the President. Kinzinger then publically called on Senators to convict Trump. Kinzinger has been highly critical of both politicians and voters who support Trump.

Regarding Kinzinger’s behavior, the Will County Republican Party leadership stated: "The last straw was Kinzinger's unconstitutional impeachment support against Donald Trump that quickly escalated to attacks on other duly elected Republicans in the Senate and Trump supporters. The Congressman's launching of a Political Action Committee (PAC) to go after conservative, patriot Republicans demonstrates he no longer represents the 9,000 plus voters in the Will County portion of the district that supported President Trump.”

In response to the censure, Kinzinger tweeted: “The problem with your #censurefrenzy and your 76 million vote figure is that 82 million voted differently and we live in a country that respects that. Thanks for playing though.” He also accused Will County Republicans of “ineptitude”.

Kinzinger’s 2022 opponent, Republican Jack Lombardi, has been very critical of Kinzinger’s recent behavior. Like the Republican leaders in Will, LaSalle, and Winnebago counties, Lombardi strongly disagrees with Kinzinger’s stance on the Trump impeachment. Lombardi is also highly offended by Kinzinger’s attacks on fellow Republicans and Trump supporters. Lombardi feels that Kinzinger no longer represents the views of Republicans in the 16th Congressional District. Lombardi is running against Kinzinger in order to give conservatives in the 16th District a true voice in Washington. Lombardi wrote on Facebook: “Plain and simple-Kinzinger voted to impeach the voice of his constituents.”


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