Concrete Services Company in Portland OR Has a New Website

Portland Concrete Specialists, a concrete services company in Portland, Oregon, has announced that they have recently launched their new website. This is to make sure that the website visitors will find it easy to browse through the site and that it is mobile responsive. The company offers concrete services in Portland and surrounding areas. These services are the foundation of many building and decorating projects. For instance, those who plan to lay foundation, erect some walls and pillars, or construct a new driveway will require concrete services.

A representative for Portland Concrete Specialists says, “We have been serving the concrete needs of residents in the Portland area for years now. We specialize in the speedy delivery of professional concrete services. Concrete repair, patching as well as demolition and excavation are our bread and butter. Through the hard work and dedication of our team, we intend to provide all our customers with high quality, high performance, long-lasting concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks, decks, and asphalt to name a few. Our company is leading the industry in innovation, service delivery, safety standards, and professionalism. We have long been considered the go-to concrete specialists when it comes to residential cement work, commercial sidewalk repair and municipal concrete repair.”

It is their approach to handling large scale and often problematic residential and commercial projects that allowed them to develop a reputation of being a leading concrete services provider. Their team of well-trained concrete specialists are capable of handling difficult concrete related projects. They have a lot of experience, having worked on hundreds of municipal, residential, and commercial sites, many of which can be found in Portland.

The team of concrete services at Portland Concrete Specialists for residential projects are capable of handling different services for real estate, repair and patching services, indoor and outdoor development for home or rental properties. They may have to do with entryways, driveways, garage and shop floors, and swimming pools.

They can also provide concrete services for commercial spaces. The commercial services division of Portland Concrete Specialists can offer their assistance in the building development and repair of all commercial property requirements. Their concrete professionals have been working for many years on hundreds of different commercial projects. This is because concrete has a broad range of uses and allow them to provide a range of commercial concrete services, including working on sidewalks, gutters, streets, and commercial entryways.

Another important service offered by Portland Concrete Specialists is decorative concrete flooring, which can be used for both residential and commercial buildings. Municipal buildings and industrial areas may also use decorative concrete services. Their team of decorative concrete flooring experts can work with contractors who are trained in aesthetic and functional concrete workmanship.

Decorative concrete flooring may be used to significantly improve the look of a patio. This includes the stamping of patterns and color to enhance the appearance of concrete surfaces. Driveways can also benefit from decorative concrete flooring, thorough grouting, overlays, and acid washing. The team from Portland Concrete Specialists utilize environmentally friendly and cost-effective methods to come up with dramatic visual changes and enhancements.

Concrete walls may also benefit from decorative concrete finishing. Their team is able to convert building walls from bland and drab to vibrant looking and eye-catching surfaces. The coating may be applied to building walls as a way to decrease heating and cooling costs while also enhancing the appearance of the building.

Portland Concrete Specialists is also capable of providing reliable concrete walls and foundations for homes and other kinds of buildings. They can offer various types of walls and foundations, including slab foundations, basement foundations, precast foundation walls, and retaining and load bearing walls.

While the pouring of slab foundation may appear simple, it has to be done with expert workmanship in order to prevent cracks from occurring. This is also true for basement foundations and for precast foundation walls.

Homeowners and property owners who are interested in concrete services in Portland and surrounding areas may want to visit the Portland Concrete Specialists website at, or contact them on the telephone.


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