Concrete Services Company in Cary NC Announces the Launch of Their New Website

Cary Concrete Services is happy to announce that they have just launched a new version of their website. This Cary, North Carolina-based company likes to be known as a progressive concrete services provider and having a more contemporary and informational website they felt was a big part of that. The company put a lot of time and effort into making a new website that not only contains great information on each of the company’s services that they offer but also is very user friendly.

A company spokesperson said, “We are a concrete contractor that knows how important it is to change with the times. That’s why we are constantly adding to the types of concrete services that we offer and upgrading our existing services. This is also the reason why we decided it was time to launch a new website. The old website just did not give enough information on the many concrete services that we have added over the last few years. It also did not reflect some of the other changes that we have made in our continuing effort to constantly improve our services. So far, the feedback from our customers who have used the new version of our website has been very positive.”

The new and improved version of Cary Concrete Services website can be seen here at According to the company spokesperson, there are some very keys areas that were improved upon in the new version of the website. One of them had to do with making the drop-down menu easier to navigate around. He says they also wanted to add just enough photos so it complimented the text on the page without being overbearing. The overall layout of the website is also much improved and more pleasing to the eyes.

Where the biggest improvement has been made in the new Cary Concrete Services website has to do with the information on the various concrete services that they offer. The company spokesperson says that it better explains what each type of their many concrete services entails in a concise manner on the homepage and then each service is explained in more detail on a separate webpage too. He says for example, if someone wants to learn more about their concrete stamping services, they can first see it briefly described on the homepage and then by clicking on that homepage description it will take them to an entire webpage that describes how their concrete stamping process works and its many benefits. This is the way it’s done on the website for all of their concrete services such as their commercial concrete work, concrete patio pouring, curb installation, concrete foundation laying, and concrete pool deck work. Even some of their lesser-known services such as their concrete coring, retaining wall installation, and foundation inspections are better described in the newly launched website.

The company spokesperson also mentioned that the new website thoroughly covers one of their services which is quickly gaining in popularity, their residential concrete flooring. This type of flooring has been embraced for many years on the commercial construction side but is just now gaining traction for residential use too. He says that’s because it offers several advantages to those that decide to install it. This includes such things as it’s excellent durability, low installation cost, even year-round temperature, and low maintenance. The company spokesperson added that the website describes how concrete flooring also looks great and contrary to popular belief is not slippery because a special non-slip finishing coat is applied during the installation process.

Cary Concrete Services offers a wide coverage area around North Carolina’s capital city. In addition to Cary, they take care of the concrete service needs of residential and commercial customers in Morrisville, Apex, Durham, Raleigh, Holly Springs, Garner, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest and more. They also concrete contractors that are fully licensed and insured and always keep safety at the forefront when doing any type of concrete work. For those that want more information on this popular concrete contractor’s services, they can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the contact request form that is found on their website’s home page.


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