Concrete Boom Pumps For Sale At Crane Network LLC

Chicago, IL based Crane Network LLC is pleased to inform their customers that they have concrete boom pumps for sale. A national leader in the crane industry, the company makes it their mission to connect crane manufacturers and third party sellers with projects around the nation and so on. The scope of the company’s services extend to other areas of construction as well.

Concrete boom pumps can be vital equipment to have on any site due to their versatility and the range of options they offer construction site managers. Similar in nature to ground line hydraulic pumps, booms pumps fulfil a unique role as they utilize a hydraulic arm (the boom) to move concrete pipes into more inaccessible areas. This in turn often makes them crucial for projects that have to take elevation into account. They can also be used to drop pour concrete in a near vertical line.

Crane Network LLC explains, “A number of challenges may arise during construction that require the use of a concrete boom pump, but it must be noted that many site managers prefer to use them due to their ability to help keep a project moving at a preferable pace in certain scenarios. If your project is in danger of falling behind schedule, for instance, you will likely benefit greatly from using a concrete pump to move things along. It is a lot cleaner as well—wheelbarrowing concrete tends to leave a lot of spillage on site, particularly given that wheelbarrows can be prone to tipping.”

Those who are not accustomed to using concrete boom pumps will also be pleased to learn that this equipment can be used all year round (given the right precautions, such as insulating the pipes during winter). This method can also be used to pump most types of concrete, though the company advises that the mix in question be carefully considered for the job at hand as well as this particular method of delivery.

Crane Network LLC also has a number of used mobile cranes for sale, and their listings feature sellers in multiple cities around the US. Given the high number and variety of mobile cranes available on the platform, the company asserts that buyers may find it far more convenient to purchase their next mobile crane from a nearby seller. As they will likely be looking for used mobile cranes in order to cut down on costs, Crane Network LLC points out that sourcing a crane from a local seller can drastically help cut down on transportation overhead as well.

Currently, their listings feature sellers in Baltimore, Marland; Bridgeview, Illinois; St. Augustine, Florida and so on. Customers are encouraged to browse Crane Network LLC’s extensive listings (which can be sorted by a variety of criteria, including make, model, location, etc.) to find the piece of equipment that is best for them.

Additionally, the use of a trusted online platform to make purchases can help buyers maintain safe social distancing as they look for ways to complete the projects they have on hand. Crane Network understands that many projects may not be able to halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why they are taking measures to keep their services available to all. Given how important it is to protect the safety of everyone involved, however, the platform reminds their customers to plan and implement appropriate safety protocols when necessary, such as where the disinfection of equipment (or their parts) is warranted.

“Despite the difficulties presented by current circumstances,” the company says, “we are aware that many of our customers will have little choice but to press forward. As such, we are glad to be able to provide a platform through which they can source the equipment they need in relative safety. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding a piece of equipment or need additional support.”

More information can be found on the company’s website. Customers are welcome to browse the available concrete boom pumps, mobile cranes and tower cranes for sale at their convenience. Further inquiries may be directed to Ron Selby Jr. of Crane Network LLC.


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