Comparison Tool for Providers of Direct Installment Loans Updated

Top Installment Loans has announced that they have recently updated their Lender Comparison Tool to show the current amounts and financing terms for each company. In addition, the comparison tool now has more than 20 companies that all offer some kind of cash assistance. Those who are searching for the best rates and terms can use this tool to save a lot of time. More about this comparison tool can be gleaned from

Tim Davidson, a spokesperson for Top Installment Loans, says, “Finding a top installment lender doesn’t have to be difficult! With our site, you can compare dozens of companies that offer online installment cash assistance. Not only do we list many of the largest direct lenders, we also have detailed information on company history, lending requirements and specific cash assistance features. Take control of this process and use this site to find the best installment cash assistance for your specific situation.”

Some of the companies featured in the comparison tool are SoFi, OneMain Financial, Blue Trust Loans, LightStream, MoneyKey, Lending Club, Pave, LendingPoint, OppLoans, Premier Title Loans, Freedom Plus, LendFu, e-Loan, RocketLoans, Marcus, Balance Credit, Prosper, Best Egg, iLoan, NetCredit, Check ‘n Go, Earnest, Upstart, Mariner Finance, and LoanDepot. An installment cash assistance is an arrangement where the borrower pays back the amount over a period of payments with duration possibly lasting for months or even years. This is a different kind of financial service compared to the payday cash assistance or cash advance because the latter types of financing are usually paid back in just days or weeks.

Installment cash assistance arrangements usually involve higher amounts compared to those provided by short-term lenders. Most installment cash assistance services from direct lenders can be as low as $500 but can go as high as more than $50,000. It will depend on the specific company and the laws of the state. Some states impose a minimum and maximum on the amount that can be borrowed. For instance, in California, a minimum amount of approximately $2,500 is often set. Most of these finance companies comply with California finance lender regulations. Many states have imposed restrictions on the amounts as a way to protect consumers from aggressive finance companies.

With regards to the credit requirements for direct installment cash assistance, a better credit score usually has a higher approval rate. Thus, this is different from the payday cash advance, which is provided regardless of credit score. Most people with a poor credit score apply for the short-term financing arrangements. This because most short-term lenders will not even bother to check the applicant’s credit score. All that is required is an employment history and the ability to pay back the amount. Direct installment cash assistance providers will usually not require excellent credit but they may still take a look at the applicant’s financial or bank history. And each company will have its own internal qualification standards and their own terms and conditions.

Meanwhile, Top Installment Loans provides specific information for each installment lender. The information provided include some common lending questions, such as how long the company has been in business; the application process and the monthly payments and interest rates; whether they offer their services to people with bad credit or not; the interest rate for those who have poor credit; and more.

The spokesperson for Top Installment Loans adds, “The most important thing you need to know is if a specific online installment lender is able to fund direct cash assistance in your state. This may not seem important, but believe us there is no way to get a cash assistance from an unlicensed company in your state. The last thing you want to do is apply online, only find out they don’t fund bank or installment cash assistance.”

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