Compare A Quote Offers Guidance on How to Purchase Renters Insurance in Colorado

CompareAquote Corp, a company based in Pompano Beach, FL, has released some guidance on how to buy renters insurance in Colorado. Research has shown that only about a third of renters in the US have renters insurance, which means that two thirds of renters are at risk and liable for injuries that guests suffer in their homes and they may lose a lot of money if their belongings are stolen or damaged. For those who want to purchase renters insurance in Colorado, they will have to understand the factors that will have an impact on the premiums. To learn more about renters insurance, people can visit the Compare A Quote website at

The three main factors that will influence renters insurance premiums in Colorado are: the location of the home; the renter’s credit score; and the replacement cost value (RCV) and actual cash value (ACV). The location matters because safe neighborhoods will generally have lower premiums. Thus, if the location has been deemed to be an unsafe neighborhood, insurance companies will usually charge higher premiums. With regards to credit score, insurance companies believe that those who have low credit score tend to file more claims. Thus, they will charge them higher premiums. ACV payouts account for depreciation and usually have lower premiums. On the other hand, RCV plans will have higher premiums because the insurance company will reimburse the policyholder with a new item that is of the same quality as the one that was lost.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, there are two renters insurance carriers who have been observed to have the best stability, affordability, and customer satisfaction. One is Travelers, which provides add-ons that no other company offers, such as equipment breakdown protection. The other one is USAA, which will replace damaged or stolen items with new ones and also offers payouts for damages caused by natural disasters, such as floods.

With regards to the law in Colorado, renters insurance is not mandatory. However, the landlord may require the renter to buy a renters insurance plan and offer proof of coverage before being allowed to sign a lease. To learn more about Compare A Quote, people can check out their Facebook page at

Renters insurance is just as important as homeowners insurance because renters and homeowners will suffer the same fate when disaster strikes, such as a fire or flood, or when there is theft. There are three kinds of protection offered by renters insurance. First, it will protect the policyholder from damaged or stolen personal belongings. This could be the result of fire, lightning, flood, smoke, vandalism, theft, etc. Extra coverage may also be provided for extremely valuable possessions, such paintings, sculpture, musical instruments, watches, and more. The second kind of protection is for temporary living expenses. This is needed when the home or property becomes uninhabitable in case of a disaster. This will provide money for food, lodging, and laundry while the home or property is being fixed. The third kind of protection is personal liability coverage. This is for those situations when someone who is not living in the home or apartment, such as a guest or visitor, gets into an accident, such as a slip and fall, and gets injured. This coverage will take care of the medical bills and legal fees if there is a lawsuit.

Started in 2017 by James Ortega, CompareAquote Corp has the goal of offering help to people who are looking for the best possible insurance for their specific needs. The company was founded to fill a need of certain kinds of people, to enable them to obtain the appropriate auto insurance, business insurance, homeowners insurance, and more. The Compare A Quote website is an insurance website that is designed for the needs of customers rather than the insurance companies. It allows the user to receive up to 10 insurance quotes. Those who need answers to a number of questions or require more information can discuss them with the CompareAquote Corp staff, who can speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Tagalog.

Those who would like to learn more about Compare A Quote can browse the various kinds of insurance products available through Compare A Quote by visiting their website at, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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