Company Specializing in Emergency Fire Damage Repairs In Phoenix Talks About How the Process is Undertaken

Dry Star Restoration, a company specializing in emergency fire damage repairs in Phoenix, would like people to know a little more about how this process works. They realize that those who have suffered any type of fire damage at their home or business are going through a stressful and traumatic time. Those at the company know the best way to help is for these fire victims to know that there are steps that can be taken to help restore the condition of their property and to salvage many of the items that were in a structure at the time of a fire.

Richard Appel, the business owner, states, “The best part of my job is that I know I can truly do great things as far as restoration goes for those who have become victims of fire and smoke damage. The worst part of my job is seeing the despair in their faces when I first meet them. As I continue on with explaining how our fire restoration services can help them, it’s nice to see some of that despair in their faces slowly melt away. This is especially true after I show them before and after samples of the previous fire restoration work that we have done.”

Appel went on to state that there are many misconceptions as far as fire damage goes. He mentioned when people think of fire damage, images of buildings being charred rubble immediately come to mind. Fortunately, with the skills and response times of modern fire departments, he says that is hardly the case in most instances. The company owner says the problem is that even small fires that are quickly extinguished leave an immediate impact to structures in the area where flames were present and can cause extensive smoke-related damage throughout the rest of a home or business. He added that the only positive news here is that much of this fire damage can be reversed by well-trained restoration specialists like theirs that have access to state-of-the-art equipment.

The company owner went on to describe how their fire damage contractors in Mesa services work. He says once their teams arrive at a fire scene, they will quickly do a safety check and then go about assessing the damage that the fire has caused and the best way to minimize and restore the impacted property. He says they have sophisticated equipment that can suck up and dry the water left behind on floors and furniture from the fire-fighting effort and they will also start cleaning up the contaminated air that is left behind in a home or building once smoke and soot have permeated throughout it. Once this is done then they will proceed with decontamination, restoration, preservation, and salvage of the affected property and its contents.

Appel also wanted fire damage victims to know that they can be reached 24-hours a day 365-days a year. He says that they do this because time is of the essence when someone suffers from fire or other types of damage such as that left behind by water or storms. This is because the longer that structures and the contents inside them are exposed to residual carbon, smoke, water, and weather elements, the harder it is to reverse the impact of these things. The company owner urges anyone that has become the victim of unexpected fire, storm, or water damage to it least call Dry Star Restoration and get some professional advice on how to proceed.

Customers who have called Dry Star Restoration also rave about their service. An example of that is this 5-star review from Google maps where Tim Zajac states, “I couldn’t be happier with Dry Star Restoration. I came home to find that I had a pipe in my wall burst flooding my entire kitchen. I called Dry Star and spoke with Robbie. He had guys out within 30 minutes after I placed the call. Robbie also handled all of the insurance claims and made sure that the situation was taken care of quickly and efficiently. Thank you, Robbie, for your quick and kind service.”

For more information on these fire damage restoration and home remodeling contractors in Mesa, Appel encourages those who are interested in their services to call them, send an email, or fill out the ‘Request a Free Expert Evaluation’ form that’s found on the company website.


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