Companies Can Hire COVID Cleaning Services in Sydney to Re-Open the Business

Clean Group Sydney is pleased to announce that companies in Sydney, NSW, Australia, may be able to re-open by hiring a COVID cleaning service company. They are offering COVID deep cleaning in Sydney with certification that confirms that the commercial space has been cleaned in compliance with Safe Work Australia (SWA) guidelines. With the Clean Group Certification, businesses may get fast and easy approval from the Health Department to reopen after COVID-19.

Stephen Matthews, Commercial Cleaning Manager at Clean Group Sydney, says, “We use the latest electrostatic sprayer application technology together with a hospital grade Australian Health Department and TGA-approved chemical. Our cleaning technicians pay particular attention to all the spaces within your building. Once our COVID deep cleaning has been completed at your worksite, office space or commercial area that has been exposed to COVID-19, we issue a Checklist and Certification so you can quickly and easily get approval from the appropriate government health department to reopen your business.”

Covid cleaning services

COVID cleaning is more than just disinfecting. The Clean Group Sydney cleaning technicians work in compliance with SWA standards for deep cleaning any commercial location that has been exposed to COVID-19. Their COVID cleaning services includes commercial establishments, warehouses, medical centres, offices, strata, work vehicles, childcare centres, vans, trucks, and cars.

It is important to note that SWA doesn’t recommend disinfectant fogging for general use against COVID. Thus, Clean Group Sydney does not use fogging but instead uses electrostatic spray with a disinfectant solution that has been approved by the TGA and the Australian Health Department. They employ a dedicated team of professional cleaners who have been trained in commercial and office cleaning, including construction sites. They will make sure that they will not miss anything at the business site, from lightboards, floors, doors, bathrooms, window sills, kitchens, and more. As such, they are able to make sure that the commercial establishment will be COVID-safe and that both clients and employees are protected against the virus.

As part of the COVID cleaning services, they will perform in-depth cleaning and disinfection of the different surfaces and areas that are usually touched by people, such as door handles, lift buttons, tabletops, water faucets, keyboards, chairs, light switches, every computer mouse, and more. Routine inspections are then provided to ensure that all of the client’s expectations have been met. They want to emphasize that their COVID disinfection service will not just eliminate up to 99.99 percent of germs from the worksite or office, but it will also help in avoiding reinfection. This kind of decontamination service is suitable for those commercial spaces with a high risk of infection. They will fully decontaminate the entire facility, including hard surfaces such as floors and walls, including tables, chairs, wardrobes, computers, sofas, windows, and doors.

They can guarantee that their COVID 19 cleaning services are effective in getting rid of germs, bacteria and viruses, on all frequently used office objects, including remotes, food preparation areas, and mobile phones. They will sanitise items like computers, phones, doors, and switchboards in the office to help protect people who use the space, such as clients and workers.

And property owners and employers need not wait until there has been an active case in their premises before requesting for professional COVID cleaning. COVID prevention cleaning is a effective way to protect the health of clients, visitors, and employees. Office areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, door handles, reception areas, toilet seats, water tanks, and more, have the greatest risk of having a build-up of germs and viruses over time, and they will remain there for several days and can infect any person who use those areas.

COVID-19, particularly the Delta variant, is able to spread fast, so business owners and property owners should not take any chances with the health of their clients or employees. It is vital to get help from a reliable commercial cleaning services provider as quickly as possible.

People who are interested in learning more about the Clean Group COVID cleaning services can check out the Clean Group Sydney website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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