Commonwealth Waste Solutions: Why A Septic Tank May Be Right For Certain Homes

Chesterfield, VA based Commonwealth Waste Solutions (CWS) is helping their community weigh the advantages and drawbacks of installing a septic tank in their home. As the company specializes in such installations (as well as maintenance and repair), their insight can prove useful to many who yet remain on the fence where this upgrade is concerned. Learn more here:

To begin with, septic tanks are relatively easy to install. While there is often a sizable investment that needs to be made upfront, the company says such systems are more cost-effective in the long term, especially since they can have a lifespan that extends up to 30 years. On a community-wide scale, septic tanks effectively eliminate the need for expensive water treatment plants, which can save millions of dollars in construction costs and operational expenses.

While a septic tank system does not need maintenance on a monthly schedule (sewer lines need to be cleaned regularly and so on), it does need maintenance every now and then in order to remain fully functional. Commonwealth Waste Solutions adds that this maintenance is also necessary to keep the septic tank from failing to the point it could pose a risk to local groundwater and wildlife as well as nearby residents. It can also create an odor that is difficult to eliminate. However, if maintained according to the recommended schedule, a septic tank can actually be more environmentally-friendly than a sewer line.

CWS adds that homeowners should consider that sewer lines typically do not clog as often as septic tanks because the wastewater is filtered before it reaches the pipes, which saves homeowners from costly repairs or replacements. On the other hand, septic tanks keep a home’s plumbing systems clean by removing solid waste that would otherwise build up inside pipes and cause backups or overflows. In practice, however, this does mean that they require more space than conventional sewage systems, which may limit how many people can reside on the property.

The company’s conclusion is that most septic tank problems have to do with poor maintenance, so a diligent homeowner can enjoy the numerous advantages they offer without ever having to deal with any issues with their septic tank. To promote a healthy septic tank ecosystem in their community, Commonwealth Waste Solutions is available to provide professional septic tank maintenance services, thereby ensuring homeowners can make the most of their septic tanks for decades to come.

Feedback from homeowners the company has worked with over the years shows that Commonwealth Waste Solutions can generally be expected to fulfill every waste-related service anyone may need. Furthermore, many praise the company’s excellent customer service and the extent to which their team commits themselves to every job no matter how simple or complex it may seem. CWS states that they value their customers' time, so each job is approached with respect to each household’s individual needs. Since most customers will not be overly familiar with a septic system’s features, the company is always happy to share their expertise when asked.

As John M. says in their 5-Star Google review, “I would definitely recommend using these guys. Extremely professional, good communication, and Timely. They spent extra time with me educating me about my septic system and making recommendations. Calls or return promptly all the staff I dealt with were very courteous.”

Robert F. also says here, “I highly recommend Jason. He has always been honest and taken the time to educate me on my septic system. His prices are competitive, but the customer service and care in his service make them worth more than the rest.”

Commonwealth Waste Solutions believes that only an informed customer can make the best decisions regarding their home and its various amenities, and this is no less true for their septic system. They encourage their community to ask as many questions as they want when their team stops by as this makes it easier for all parties present to have a frank discussion about the home and its needs. Alternatively, customers are welcome to connect with the company through their Facebook page where they regularly share tips on effective septic tank maintenance and other waste-related topics. Find them here:

Jason Muzzy of Commonwealth Waste Solutions is available in the event a customer wishes to inquire further about the company’s services. Alternatively, more information can be found on the company’s official website.


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