Commonwealth Waste Solutions Warns About Potential Septic System Issues This Summer

Commonwealth Waste Solutions, a company based in Chesterfield, VA, wants to warn homeowners about potential septic system issues that can occur during the summer season. It is important for homeowners to be aware of these things because with septic systems, even small problems can quickly escalate and become dangerous or more costly to repair. They want homeowners to be aware of several common problems involving septic systems and what they can do in case they do occur. The company is a provider of quality septic system services for homes in Chesterfield County, VA, and is a consistent recipient of highly positive customer reviews. Videos featuring several of these five-star reviews can be viewed on their YouTube channel at .

Jason Muzzy, owner of Commonwealth Waste Solutions, says, “Summer is a critical time for septic systems. Homeowners need to be aware of certain issues that often arise during this particular season. Summer can be a difficult time for septic systems because house guests not only put stress on the system, but there are also more barbecue and backyard weddings.”

It is important to note that an offensive odor is a potential indicator of a problem with the sewage system. The bad smells are actually caused by hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and methane that escape from the septic tank. In a properly functioning septic system, the waste flows into the septic tank that contains bacteria. These bacteria release enzymes that break up the waste, and the resulting products and gases are safely discharged from the septic system. Bad odor means the process is not working as it should. Possible causes are a blocked drain, insufficient bacteria, broken seal of connection, or the septic tank may already be full.

During summer, trees and plants grow rapidly and this means that the tree roots also grow fast. The problem is when they are too close to the septic system, the tree roots can push against the pipes and possibly cause damage. It may be a good idea to have the trees trimmed and to hire a professional service to check if there are any invasive plants growing close to the plumbing pipes or septic tank. It is also advisable to cut down trees that are located too close to the septic system to prevent tree roots from damaging the system.

Another good idea is to avoid planting a vegetable garden over the drain field of the septic system. The vegetable garden may cause potential problems with the drain field. The water used for the garden may result in slower treatment of the wastewater. Further, the vegetable roots that grow close the drain field pipes could lead to damage that would need repairs. And because tending to a vegetable garden may entail some digging, this could affect the pipes and cause problems.

Meanwhile, homeowners who have experienced using the services of Commonwealth Waste Solutions have largely positive things to say about the service that they received. For instance, Diani B. gave them five stars and said, “Cannot recommend highly enough. Always responsive and go out of their way to help. Everyone there I have dealt with has always been professional and very nice to deal with.”

Commonwealth Waste Solutions has a goal of always providing quality services to customers. They offer various kinds of services, such as pumping and cleaning of septic systems, inspection of septic systems, and commercial septic system services. Pumping and cleaning is part of the routine maintenance that is necessary for septic systems. And for those who are buying a home, it may be a good idea to get the services of professionals and have the septic system inspected to ensure that it will be working properly.

Homeowners who would like to know more about the septic tank pumping and other services offered by Commonwealth Waste Solutions can visit their website or contact them through the phone or via email. They are open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. To check out their specific location, people can go to their Google Maps page at


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