Commonwealth Waste Solutions Reminds Home Sellers And Buyers In Glen Allen About The Importance Of A Septic System Inspection

Commonwealth Waste Solutions, a septic pumping business in Virginia, is reminding home sellers and buyers in Glen Allen about the importance of a septic system inspection as part of the home-buying or home-selling process. They also advise residents to schedule such inspections at the appropriate time, depending on the season. Interested customers can find the company’s locations and its working hours on its Google Business page here:

When buying a home with a septic system, it is always a good idea to have a professional evaluate the septic system and its current condition. Most often the bank or mortgage lender will require an inspection in order to close the mortgage or home loan. Residential properties must be equipped with a sewage disposal system, and many homes rely on septic tanks for waste disposal. Failure to disclose that a septic tank is in poor condition during the sale of residential property could result in serious legal disputes.

A comprehensive septic inspection will protect the interests of real estate agents, buyers, and sellers. When problems or potential problems are found, this information is provided to the real estate agents involved. It gives the prospective buyer the ability to make an informed decision about the potential purchase of not only the home but the septic system as well.

CWS provides real estate septic system inspections, which include septic tank pumping and cleaning. However, the company cautions homeowners not to schedule such inspections during or just after heavy rains, or when there is snow or ice on the ground. This is because septic system inspections become much more challenging when the ground is saturated.

According to the company, routine maintenance is essential for a septic system. A well-maintained system will provide a safe and lawful means of waste disposal for the home’s plumbing system. Proper maintenance will also be responsible for a healthy and operational system for many years. Commonwealth Waste Solutions also offers other services such as sewage pumps & equipment, hydro jetting service, effluent filters installed/cleaned, and riser installations. Interested customers can find out more about the service on its Facebook page here:

Owner Jason Muzzy says, “A well-maintained system will provide a safe and lawful means of waste disposal for your home’s plumbing system. Proper maintenance will also ensure a healthy and operational system for many years. The more informed you are as a septic system owner and the more familiar you are with the function of your septic system, the better you will be able to care for it. For those who do not find the time or lack the technical know-how, they can always give me a call whenever they feel they are in over their head. I never leave a phone call unanswered. I pay attention to details and look for potential problems that could cause an issue for customers down the road. Often the skills needed to carry out proper septic maintenance are rare. It takes a keen eye and years of experience to be good at what I do. I enjoy it because I get to help people in their time of need.”

According to a review by Christopher C., "Jason was prompt and was quick to locate my buried septic tank lid that I had never known was there since I had been in the house for only 5 years. The pumping commenced and Jason answered all the septic tank maintenance questions I had. When the pumping was done, he did a good job of refilling the hole and covering up the spot. The price seemed fair to me at $210 dollars, so the next time 5 years rolls around, I won't hesitate to call Jason at Commonwealth Waste Solutions. Nice work."

According to another review by Bettie Howell, “Commonwealth Waste Solutions, LLC. is top-notch. They did a great job at our home and I would recommend them to anyone." Interested customers can watch more reviews from all over Virginia on the company’s youtube channel here:


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