Commonwealth Waste Solutions Releases Helpful Septic System Maintenance Guidelines

Commonwealth Waste Solutions has released a very useful set of guidelines for homeowners with septic tanks. The Virginia based company whose area of coverage can be found here: wants to make sure that all septic tank owners know how important fall maintenance is if they want to have a trouble free winter.

Frank Willerton, a spokesperson for Commonwealth Waste Solutions, said, “There are approximately 25,000 septic systems in our county and quite honestly, most homeowners do not give a second thought to their system until something goes wrong. Our maintenance guidelines of what homeowners should do when fall arrives will hopefully help prevent some of the winter problems that we so often get called out to fix.”

Common problems that septic systems can suffer from in winter can indeed be minimized if a homeowner follows the company's guidelines. Homeowners who have recently had their system pumped out do not think that there is anything else they need to do. Commonwealth Waste Solutions guidelines state that this is not the case.

It is important that the area around the system is cleared of any potential hazards that could cause damage. Plants, bushes, and trees all have roots that could impact the smooth running of a septic system by invading the tank itself or its pipes.

Commonwealth Waste Solutions often gets called out for problems that arise from this simple lack of maintenance. Homeowners that think they might have a problem can find the company’s details and hours of service at

It is also critical that even minor leaks get fixed and not ignored. Fall is an ideal time to do this so that freezing temperatures in winter do not cause pipes to freeze. Leaking or cracked tank lids could let water in which means the system would be overworked.

Another simple but often overlooked tip is for a homeowner to let their grass surrounding the septic system to grow out an extra six inches. This action will provide some insulation for the septic tank, connecting pipes, and the drain field and could well help to prevent freezing.

Mr. Willerton went on to say, “Homeowners who follow the hints and tips about fall maintenance that we published will minimize the chance of winter problems. Although most of our work involves pumping and flushing a system, we actually do much more than that.”

In addition to the aforementioned pumping and cleaning, Commonwealth Waste Solutions also offers septic tank treatment, which involves using Bio-Clean (a blend of bacteria and enzymes) to clean out the system naturally. The company will also inspect a septic system for damage and any other problems and should repairs be needed, it can undertake those too.

Commonwealth Waste Solutions also offers septic tank cleaning to commercial property owners. In addition, the maintenance and cleaning of commercial grease traps and grease interceptors, something that is often mandated by local municipalities, is also available for property owners in need of such services.

Commonwealth Waste Solutions has gained an enviable reputation within the counties it serves and as one very satisfied customer said on Yelp, “Trustworthy, punctual, respectful... what else can one ask for in a business? Open communication from the beginning to end. Jason is extremely knowledgeable in the world of septic systems. We have an Orenco AdvanTex treatment system and Jason went above and beyond to make sure the pumping service was correct. I would recommend Commonwealth Waste to anyone needing assistance with their septic system. Often times females are disrespected when it pertains to any mechanical issues and I felt totally at ease.”

Apart from the reviews on Yelp, the company also has many reviews on YouTube which can be found here:

Homeowners and commercial property owners wishing to find out more about the services Commonwealth Waste Solutions offers should visit the company’s website where details of its location and phone number as well as an online contact form can be found.


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