Commonwealth Waste Solutions Is Recommending Tips For Septic System Maintenance In Winter

Commonwealth Waste Solutions LLC., a company providing septic system services in Chesterfield County, Virginia, and surrounding counties, is appealing to homeowners to follow its recommendations to preserve the health of their septic system during the harsh winter months. Homeowners who reside within the company’s service area can find out more about the company by heading over to its Yelp page at

The company says that winter can be a challenging season for septic systems due to the nature of septic waste and the construction of the plumbing that goes into ensuring a smooth flow during the rest of the year. It becomes critically important to do everything to avoid the possible problems that could occur in winter because a malfunctioning septic system is much more than a minor inconvenience. Any blockages can turn the system into a hazard that can affect the health of those living on the property.

The primary and the most common problem in the winter is the low temperatures that can lead to septic systems freezing. The cold ambient temperature can lead to the waste not being able to break down, thus blocking the plumbing, resulting in the system getting clogged and unable to process further waste. This problem is most likely to affect the pipes that lead from the house into the septic tank. The problem of blocked pipes is exacerbated if they have leaks in them as the leaking water can trickle down the pipes and freeze them, further blocking the flow of water.

There is also the possibility of a lack of insulation on the septic tank if there is not enough snow cover on the tank itself. Snow, despite being at a low temperature itself, is an excellent insulator of heat, and once deposited in a thick enough layer on the septic tank, can form a solid protective barrier that prevents the wind chill from affecting the tank. If there are not enough layers of snow to prevent the air temperature from affecting the walls of the septic tank, it will affect the tank’s ability to break down organic matter and may also cause it to overflow.

Commonwealth Waste Solutions has had years of experience dealing with septic tank issues in Virginia and it has prepared a list of recommendations that homeowners should do as part of their septic system maintenance in winter. Firstly, it recommends keeping the septic tank lid closed all winter long. The lid's insulation keeps the temperature above freezing and won't let any water or animals into the septic system. The company also asks homeowners to not flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper during the winter months. If blockages occur from time to time, it recommends the use of a heavy-duty plunger to clear them. Homeowners should also avoid using too many water-based detergents or soaps, which can cause excess suds in the pipes and may lead to clogs.

The freezing of the drain line of the washing machine can be prevented by adding antifreeze to it. This can also prevent it from getting clogged. The company also recommends installing an anti-backup valve on the washing machine's drain hose to help keep water flowing freely out of the house when the homeowners do laundry, preventing any buildup in the lines outside that could freeze over time. Finally, if the home has a septic system with leach fields, homeowners should be extra careful about snow removal. They should avoid walking or driving on them because this can compact snow into ice underneath and damage leach field lines leading away from home.

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