Commercial Roofing in Brampton Contractor Discusses the Benefits of PVC Roofing for Corporate Properties

Cox Roofing Systems is a Brampton, Ontario-based company whose services go well beyond the quality roofing solutions that it provides. This includes the company giving advice to residential and commercial property owners so they can make informed roof repair choices. In keeping in line with this, the company has just published a blog that talks about the many benefits of widely popular PVC roofing for corporate properties.

This new Cox Roofing Systems blog started by mentioning that PVC roofing is now being used more than ever because it’s flexible, simple to install, and there are ways to make it extremely waterproof. This is in addition to the fact that it can be painted to make a roof look more attractive. The blog then went on to describe the benefits that a commercial property gets from having a PVC roof. This includes that it's one of the most durable roof coverings that’s made. It’s even more durable than other commercial roof covering applications such as TPO and EPDM roofs. According to the article, PVC roofing (also known as polyvinyl chloride) is one of the most budget-friendly roofing materials. That’s why it has seen its market share rise every year since it was first introduced. This means businesses don’t have to put off their new roof covering projects as long as they thought that they would have to.

Also mentioned in this recently posted Cox Roofing Systems blog post as a benefit of PVC roofing is that it poses a low injury risk to those that install it. Those applying it to a roof are then able to concentrate fully on the work instead of worrying about getting hurt. PVC roofing also tends to be more environmentally friendly than other commercial roof applications too. That makes it a great choice for businesses that like to have a lower carbon footprint on the communities that they serve. This stems from the fact that PVC roofs are compostable because there is no oil used in the manufacturing of them. The article also pointed out that PVC roofing material is highly abrasion-resistant, something that only adds further to their already good durability. When wrapping up, this Cox Roofing article also speaks about how a business can maximize its PVC flat roof lifespan. This includes making sure that all the sections of PVC roofing are seamed together properly. That’s why the installation of this preferred type of commercial roofing material is best left to professional companies such as those at Cox Roofing Systems.

The company owner, Wayne Cox, says, “Our blog about the many benefits a company gets when installing PVC roofing material does a great job of describing why this type of commercial roofing system has become so popular. It is a practical and cost-effective roofing material choice for just about any situation where a company manager or owner desires a watertight new roof covering that will last them for many years to come. It simply outperforms most of the other commercial roof coverings that are available.”

Those that have had commercial roofing services performed for them by Cox Roofing Systems often speak glowingly in reviews about the service that they received. Michelle McDowell stated, “My commercial building needed a new roof bad! It was leaking in a bunch of spots. I spoke with Wayne Cox directly and he is super friendly and personable. He sent someone out right away to get me a quote. When they started the roof, the onsite supervisor, Devon, plus all the other workers, were so friendly and respectful. We did run into some problems during the roof replacement process but the way they handled the issues and fixed them right away is superior customer service. They are honest and dependable and I would recommend them to anyone!”

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