Commercial Roofing in Brampton Company’s New Blog Gives 5 Reasons Why Not to Order Roofing Supplies Online

Cox Roofing Systems is one of the most reputable roofing contractors in Brampton, Ontario. The company has carved out a place among the top roofing companies in their area by doing consistent, high-quality work and by offering their commercial customers honest advice concerning their upcoming roofing projects. A good example of the latter is that they just recently released a new blog titled ‘5 Reasons You Should Never Trust Online Roof Material Sellers’. It describes the potential problems that someone may run into if they place an online order for the supplies they need for their upcoming roofing project.

Company CEO Wayne Cox says, “We are a family-owned business that started way back in 1976. In that time, we have seen some trends in the industry that really raises some red flags for us and our customers. One of the most recent of these trends is people wanting to order their roofing supplies through online vendors. Unfortunately, the drawbacks of doing this far outweigh any good that will come from it. That’s why we felt compelled to post a blog article that directly addresses this topic.”

The companies new blog began by saying that the recent pandemic made shoppers turn to online buying more than ever before. It stated while this may work for some products, roofing supplies are not among them. The first reason that the new blog article gave for this is that someone will be buying roofing products that are untested and unconfirmed. Many times, the material that arrives will look much different than the online photos and might even be a plain label brand.

In the recently posted Cox Roofing Systems blog, it also mentioned that online roofing products sometimes have short useful lives. Much of that has to do with that they are not always made by trusted roofing manufacturers. The latest company blog also pointed out that improperly ordered roofing supplies may even damage a home or business owner's roof even further. This happens when the roofing material that was purchased online is not compatible with the existing roof covering.

The blog also stated that ordering roofing supplies online gets even further complicated because there are no aftermarket warranties on the materials & labor. Also mentioned lastly in the blog article is that no respectable roofing company will want to work with a roofing material that is unproven and they have not been trained to properly install. This Cox Roofing Systems blog post can be seen in its entirety on the company website.

Cox went on to describe the different types of quality commercial roofing services that they offer, of which one of their specialties is commercial flat roofing work. Their commercial flat roofing crews are well-trained and experienced when it comes to applying such flat roof coverings as Tri-Thermal Roofing (TTR®), Thermoplastic Roofing (TPO), and Foam & Coating quick installation roofing systems. He mentioned that their crews are also very good when it comes to performing metal roof restoration services and the company offers a large variety of other types of commercial roof repair services.

Whether the company is working on a commercial roofing project, they often get high marks for their efforts from the customers that have used their services. Michelle McDowell stated in her 5-star review, “My commercial building needed a new roof bad! It was leaking in a bunch of spots. I spoke with Wayne Cox directly and he is super friendly and personable. He sent someone out right away to get me a quote. When they started the roof, the onsite supervisor Devon plus all the other workers were so friendly and respectful. We did run into some problems during the roof replacement process but the way they handled the issues and fixed them right away is superior customer service. They are honest and dependable and I would recommend them to anyone!”

Those looking for quality commercial roofing in Brampton services can contact Cox Roofing Systems by email, phone, or by filling out the ‘Quick Message’ form that’s found at the very bottom of their website’s homepage.


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