Commercial HVAC Services Company, STEVENS, Expands Service Area to Include Chicago

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors in Hobart, IN, is pleased to announce that they have recently expanded their commercial HVAC services area to include Chicago. They want customers to know that they have been serving Northern Illinois for decades and have experience working with business owners, building managers, and project managers. This also means that they are knowledgeable regarding the regulations in Illinois. For more information about their Commercial HVAC Service, visit their website

Vicki Anderson, CEO of STEVENS Engineers & Constructors Hobart, says, “When your heating and cooling systems go down, it can cause your business to come to a grinding halt. With STEVENS Commercial HVAC Services in Chicago, we can get you back up and running and provide you with the services to keep your business operating. From rooftop air HVAC units to furnaces, chillers, tankless water heaters, boilers, and more, our reliable HVAC technicians can help you install, repair, or upgrade your heating and cooling systems.”

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Industrial and commercial HVAC systems are responsible for providing a comfortable and stable environment for the employees to work in. For some industries, climate control is a crucial element of their operations. Many industries have a tight tolerance for optimal operation. These include restaurants that have to store their food at the proper temperature to prevent spoiling; grocery stores that have freezers for food that need to be kept frozen; laboratories, storage units, and museums.

The company’s commercial HVAC specialists can work with various needs. These include: air conditioning installations, heating system installations, heating system repairs, air conditioning repairs, duct design, and upgrading out-of-date HVAC units. The mechanical engineers at STEVENS can design and install the appropriate HVAC system for the business, from climate-controlled environments that require certain setpoints of testing to providing HVAC systems that provide enhanced comfort.

They want to point out that the setup of non-residential HVAC systems is not as simple as installing window-mounted air conditioning units or even residential air conditioning systems. There are many regulations that govern commercial HVAC system installations. For instance, furnaces in the northern US need to have a 90 percent efficiency rating, but the southern states only require an 80 percent. What this means is that the commercial HVAC company must be familiar with the specific regulations for Chicago and neighboring areas. Or else, the HVAC system installed may not be up to code.

Furthermore, having a reliable commercial HVAC system is essential for a business because any system failure or lockdown can prevent the business from operating and result in lost profits. Their team of experts can help with furnace repair and installation of air purification systems, air conditioning units, rooftop units, central air conditioners, heat pumps, and more. In addition, with a professional, energy-efficient installation, indoor air quality is improved for the business establishment.

Furthermore, the HVAC services professionals have to be updated on the most recent changes in industry standards. Advances in technology are causing significant changes in the industry that HVAC experts need to be familiar with. For example, HVAC systems are no longer just controlled by a thermostat. Apps that can be used in smartphones, tablets, or laptop computers can now be used to control the HVAC system anywhere and at any time.

The HVAC experts at STEVENS can also help business owners and building managers update their heating and cooling systems. They advise businesses with HVAC systems that are more than 15 to 20 years old to make an update since it is most likely that their system is already outdated. Older heating and cooling systems will no longer be able to keep up with the current energy efficiency requirements, and there is a substantial risk that the system might fail at any time.

Those who are interested in learning more about the commercial HVAC services they are offering in Chicago and neighboring areas may want to check out the STEVENS Engineers & Constructors Hobart website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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