Commercial High Rise Window Cleaning - Safety Is the Major Concern for Clean Group Cleaners

Clean Group is a commercial cleaning agency based in Sydney and providing services to local businesses throughout Australia. The company specializes in the cleaning of high-rise windows for strata and office buildings. They use trained window cleaners along with cutting-edge tools such as microfiber wash pads, squeegee, glass scrapers, safety belt, double holster, etc. to provide safe and effective window cleaning services to high-rise buildings. For Clean Group, the safety of their cleaners and clients is of utmost priority.

“At Clean Group, we take every precaution when cleaning high-rise windows to protect our cleaners from accidents such as falling. At the same time, we take good care to avoid causing unnecessary damage to glass windows when cleaning them. Our cleaners are provided with advanced and safe tools, including ladders, long handle brush, pressure machine, safety belts, etc. to ensure highly effective cleaning of windows while being safe. For all your strata window cleaning needs, you can call the Clean Group sales team on 1300 141 946,” says Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group.

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Clean Group provides complete window cleaning services to both small and high-rise buildings. Depending on the type and cleaning needs of a place, they will bring their own set of tools and cleaning equipment. Also, they guarantee scratchless window cleaning, which means their cleaners will take the utmost care to not damage or cause scratches on the glass when cleaning it. To achieve that, they use the softest yet highly effective brushes for both exterior and interior cleaning of glass windows. For hard to reach windows, they have long handle brushes with the extremely soft rear to ensure safe cleaning of the glass. Also, they provide pressure window cleaning & washing services on a need basis.

As the company owner says, for Clean Group, the safety of their people and clients is the first priority when performing such risky jobs like cleaning high-rise windows using ladders and safety belts. They use all the advanced safety measures and resources available at their disposal. Also, their window cleaners are specifically trained for this kind of job. They use proper safety gear and avoid taking unnecessary risks when cleaning high-rise exterior windows using a ladder or rope. Also, to ensure the safety of the glass windows and to avoid causing scratches while cleaning, they recommend using only the company-provided microfibre cloths, wipes and brushes that are very soft and designed to remove dust as well as germs from the windows.

Cleaning of high rise windows is not an easy job, which is why most cleaning companies prefer not to provide this service. This kind of cleaning job requires expert and trained people who have access to the right resources needed to reach and safely clean highly-placed windows. Clean Group has been providing window cleaning service to local businesses, including strata and office buildings, for almost 20 years now and has dedicated cleaners for this. Their cleaners are trained, experienced and insured professionals with specialization in the cleaning of large commercial places, including high-rise buildings.

“We employ a highly skilled team of window cleaners who will use the latest technologies and equipment for complete, spotless cleaning of the windows in your place. To book a free on-site quote, call us today,” says Suji Siv.

Clean Group window cleaners provide their services to both small and high-rise buildings. They mainly use hand tools such as microfibre scrubber, scraper, magnetic window cleaner and squeegee handles for the cleaning of windows located at easy to reach places like the ground floor and first floor of a building.

For the cleaning of high-rise windows located on upper floors, they use rope access along with long handle brush and other high-end tools. Of course, this is a very complex job and needs expertise along with the best tools to ensure both safety and efficiency. Clean Group, with its huge experience, best-in-class cleaners and cutting-edge tools, is one of the best window cleaning companies in Sydney for the job. They also provide pure water cleaning service, which involves using pure, ionised water to pressure clean windows. This helps achieve spotless and streak-free finish for glass windows.

To book a free on-site window cleaning quote or inspection from Clean Group, property owners in Sydney can call Clean Group on 1300 141 946.


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