Commercial Cleaners At Clean Group Keep Local Businesses Clean & Sanitised

Sydney, NSW based Clean Group is pleased to place their commercial cleaning services at the disposal of businesses across the region. The company offers both a comprehensive cleaning regimen for a variety of commercial locations as well as a thorough COVID-19 protection service. Both of these services are vital components of any business’ ability to remain functional in present circumstances. As a result, Clean Group is currently on standby to help new clients learn what they stand to gain by engaging the company’s valuable assistance.

“You often don’t know what you’re missing till you finally have it,” observes Suji Siv of Clean Group. “You may currently be doing without a dedicated cleaning service because you believe you can handle such a challenge on your own. It is our firm belief, however, that such tasks should be left in the hands of dedicated professionals who are trained to tackle any number of situations. On one hand, this frees you and your staff to focus more exclusively on your business’ operations and growth. On the other, we are more likely to do a better job because the cleanliness, tidiness and safety of your premises is our foremost concern. Put us on the job, and nothing will distract us from the task at hand.”

The commercial cleaners at Clean Group already work in thousands of locations across Australia, taking care of offices and schools as well as restaurants and medical institutions. The latter of these, as many are aware, require far more stringent procedures to make hygienic than other types of locations do, and it is a mark of Clean Group’s capabilities that these clients are always extremely satisfied with their work.

Each location is different, however, and each client will therefore need a different kind of service from Clean Group. Fortunately, the company has developed a careful onboarding procedure that allows clients to learn exactly what they need and pay for that alone — nothing more. Since the pandemic began, many businesses have had to operate under tighter margins, a fact that many may consider taking advantage of. Clean Group, however, makes it a point to ensure that clients always know what they are paying for, and they only have to request the specific services their location needs.

An interested party, for instance, may contact Clean Group to schedule a on-site commercial cleaning assessment — free of charge. This step is necessary for the team to develop a personalised quote that suits the environment in question, and they are always willing to walk clients through any proposal they make (following an inspection). While the company will be happy to share recommendations for certain services, the client is under no obligation to accept. In fact, they may exclude any services they believe are not necessary (or perhaps exceed their budget). No matter the reason, Clean Group will accept their decision and only charge for the services actually rendered.

One service they recommend to all, however, is the Clean Group Virus Shield, which is designed to offer up to 30 days of protection from the COVID-19 virus per application. This TGA Approved service kills up to 99.99% of germs for up to 30 days, which makes it vital for any business that wishes to reduce the risk of interruption due to an outbreak. Those interested are welcome to contact the company today to learn more.

Clean Group’s expertise as a commercial cleaning provider is evident in how many businesses continue to rely on their services. However, the company is capable of tackling a variety of environments, even residences. Notably, the team brings the same commitment to every job they take on, no matter how big or small, because they understand that an improperly executed cleaning can have dire consequences. As such, they take every task seriously, and many clients have witnessed the benefit of this for themselves. As a 5-Star Google review from Rahul M. shares, “We had hired a sanitization service for COVID-19 in our house. The team response was prompt, and they did a great job. The professionals were courteous and very well-mannered. Extremely satisfied with the work.”

Suji Siv of Clean Group may be contacted for further details regarding any of their services or availability. Clients may request their free on-site commercial cleaning assessment through the official Clean Group website as well.


For more information about Clean Group, contact the company here:

Clean Group
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