Commence Corporation Discusses Benefits Of CRM For Small Businesses

Eatontown, New Jersey-based Commence Corporation is reaching out to owners of small and mid-sized businesses all across the US to share insight on how the company can help grow their companies, increase sales and find more success in their industries. An expert in the field, Commence Corporation is always eager to share the enormous benefit of their industry expertise with their community.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an aspect that businesses tend to struggle with during their first few years of operation. More often than not, small businesses find themselves experiencing trouble with accelerating their sales. Naturally, this tends to lead businesses in this position to debate whether the financial resources and effort they put into CRM is even worth it.

"If you are struggling to make the most out of your CRM, a specialized CRM platform can have a immense positive impact on your sales and help you achieve great results," states Larry Caretsky of Commence Corporation. He continues, “A CRM software provider like us can help their clients enhance their sales through the automation of their CRM tasks. We provide you with all of the tools that you will need to achieve this, along with expert advice and guidance to help you make the most out of our software. You will notice the difference right away, seeing significant results within your first month using our software."

Commence Corporation's CRM software automatically handles several areas of customer outreach that small businesses tend to struggle with, streamlining these processes and allowing business owners to focus on more important matters. One of the most important areas managed by the software is leads and sales tracking, helping close more deals by accurately measuring sales activity and the efficiency of specific efforts across various departments. It is also possible to automate email and social media marketing campaigns through their software, helping reduce costs over time for similar (if not better) results. Further details on how this is accomplished and how the software works are available on the company's Youtube channel.

Each feature of their software is tightly integrated to help small businesses grow, according to Commence Corporation. They create a seamless ecosystem that allows business owners insight into every customer and lead interaction across their organization — with powerful analytics and reporting features included.

Commence Corporation has received several customer reviews that attest to the excellence of their services and their commitment towards helping clients find success. Caretsky says, "Our clients’ success is the same as ours, and as such, we do everything within our power to make sure that it comes to fruition. We do not just sell CRM software, we are committed to helping you get sales. We are here to help you implement best practices around sales and customer service that result in improved business performance overall. We use our extensive expertise to offer you personalized advice according to your needs, unique situation and specific goals, helping you achieve the latter in the most convenient way possible."

Through their website, Commence Corporation proudly shares success stories from some of their most notable clients. One such testimonial written by Lila Barnhurst, Marketing Administrator at Concrete Technology, says, “This past year, we have made substantial strides in using the Commence Corporation product to improve our internal business processes. The key, however, wasn’t just the product's robust features and flexibility, but the extremely competent staff that Commence Corporation provided that were truly focused on addressing our needs. I would like to thank Commence Corporation for the excellent support we have received. We have been delighted to work with them."

Another comment by Mike Tonneson of Arcadia says, "We are thrilled with Commence Corporation, and they serve us very well. We have customized the product around our very specific and unique business model and business processes, spread out over 10 locations, and it has enabled us to compete effectively with companies that are much larger than us. A hearty thank you, to the entire Commence team, for your continued support and outstanding service."

Commence Corporation's website offers more details on the company and their services. Interested parties may reach out to Larry Caretsky to follow up on any inquiries as well. Additionally, they may stay up to date with the company’s latest news through their official Facebook page.


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