Commence Corporation Crm For Small Businesses Ranks Among Top 10 Most Popular Crm Solutions

According to industry analyst group Capterra, Commence CRM ranks among the 10 most popular CRM solutions in the world. Commence Corporation claims its CRM is ideal for small businesses because it offers more functionality and flexibility than traditional low-cost cookie-cutter solutions, but without the cost and complexity of industry giants.

The software has many features such as a customer profiling system, customer segmentation system, sales tracking system, ticket management system, small business project management, and more.

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The customer profiling system allows a holistic view of customer data to address their concerns with context. Businesses can view accounts, sales, and service history for every customer to create personalized customer success strategies and build brand loyalty. The customer segmentation system segments customers by company size, account revenue, fulfillment cost, service level requirements, profitability, upsell potential, and customer retention probability. The customer segmentation feature allows the business to build customer-centric sales strategies and prioritize accounts and the amount of time spent.

The sales tracking system tracks lead interactions, creates associated to-dos, marks events on integrated Outlook or Gmail calendars, and allows businesses to see exactly where opportunities are in their sales pipeline at any given moment. The ticket management system provides a secure portal to the business’s customers where they can access knowledge base articles and FAQs, or instantly create a ticket if they’re unable to find relevant answers. Commence allows businesses to provide premium support by capturing complete service history, equipping them with the best tools for customer success. The small business project management system allows businesses to break away from the siloed approach to project management. It gives businesses a 360-degree customer profile view to integrate customer information in their project from a single screen, create project templates to automate repetitive tasks, and use Gantt charts to get a macro view of their projects without logging into any other tool. More of the software’s features can be viewed on their Facebook Page.

Commence claims that its CRM software has a proven track record of helping customers enhance sales by automating sales and customer relationship management. It claims to achieve this by providing a full set of tools that encompass contact management, lead management, sales opportunity management, activity management, marketing campaign management, customer service, project management, and more.

The company says that each feature of its CRM software is tightly integrated to help the customer grow their business faster by managing existing and potential customers from a single solution that breaks down information silos. It says that its seamless ecosystem allows businesses insight into every customer and lead interaction across their organization with powerful analytics and reporting features. The CRM’s customizable reports combined with graphical representations of current sales, marketing efforts, and customer service information enables management to make effective decisions based on a clear picture of the organization’s needs and strengths.

According to Larry Caretsky, a spokesperson for the company, “We don’t just sell CRM software – we are committed to helping you get sales. We’re here to help you implement best practices around sales and customer service that result in overall improved business performance. Commence CRM is a robust affordable solution with an experienced support staff that ensures the most bang for your buck.”

A testimonial by Lila Barnhurst, a marketing administrator, says “This past year we have made substantial strides in using the Commence product to improve our internal business processes. The key however wasn’t just the product’s robust features and flexibility, but the extremely competent staff that Commence provided that were truly focused on addressing our needs. I would like to thank Commence Corporation for the excellent support we have received. We have been delighted to work with them.”

Another testimonial by Justin Gecewicz from SRI Fire Sprinkler LLC says “We selected Commence CRM because the product offered a robust set of functionality and the flexibility to address our unique business requirements. The customer support and on-boarding services Commence provided was top shelf. It has been an easy transition because of this and afforded us a rapid return on our investment. Commence has become a true partner of SRI.”

Interested customers can find contact details for the company on its GMB listing.


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