Colorado Based Healthcare Organization CorSanitas Is Making Noninvasive C-IMT Ultrasound Scans Widely Available

CorSanitas, a leading-edge healthcare organization based in Boulder, Colorado, is now making noninvasive C-IMT ultrasound scans widely available. CorSanitas has office locations in Denver and Boulder and plans to open several more across the Front Range.

According to the CDC, hHeart disease is the number one killer of Americans according to the CDC. More than 655,000 Americans die of heart disease every year. By comparison, approximately 500,000 Americans died of COVID between March 2020 and March 2021.

Corsanitas Logo Carotid Artery test  / C-IMT scan

A significant problem that threatens lives is the lack of fast and accurate diagnostic tools that can pinpoint the problem early. C-IMT ultrasound scans fill that gap as they are a safe and easy way to predict heart disease by performing this simple carotid artery scan.

According to the company, Carotid C-IMT ultrasound scans are 95% predictive of the health of the cardiovascular system. - More specifically, they are the gold standard for detecting atherosclerosis, which is also called "vascular disease" or "cardiovascular disease." When most people talk about heart disease, they actually mean atherosclerosis. The scans are also effective in detecting arterial plaque and unhealthy thickening of plaque that lines the arteries.

In a CorSanitas clinical study of more than 300 individuals, over 85 percent of those scanned had atherosclerosis or plaque in their arteries.

C-IMT ultrasound scans go far beyond the standard risk factors assessed at a regular annual checkup. Since more than half of all heart disease is atherosclerosis, a timely scan can help spot this silent killer that often goes unnoticed and can prevent a lot of potential health issues.

A spokesperson for the company talks about the company’s mission and objectives by saying, "CorSanitas means "heart health" in Latin. We aim to be the definitive healthcare provider for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Modern responsibilities have led to many people throwing caution to the wind and getting stuck in unsustainable lifestyles that have long-term negative consequences for their health and wellness."

They continued, "Heart disease is much more common today than it was ever before because of the combined factors of poor diet, stress, lack of activity, and sedentary schedules. Our company’s aim is to promote the technology and knowledge that can empowers people to make the right choices and help them regain their birthright of radiant health."

CorSanitas is a Colorado-based company with a business model built upon standards of care proven to identify and reverse heart disease in 90-95% of people, without surgery or other invasive procedures. The company can identify all stages of vascular disease with its scans and programs. The company’s testing procedures provide results with speed and precision and, as their spokesperson pointed out, at a lower price than other testing options.

According to a user of this scanning process, "The scan is quick, easy, and very affordable. The entire process took about 15 minutes. Based on the results, which showed soft plaque in my arteries, my doctor referred me to a cardiologist, who put me on medication that has dropped my cholesterol levels to lower than what is considered normal for an adult male. I believe having the carotid scan done added years to my life."

Interested readers can reach the company at (303) 519-2433. The office in Boulder is located at 4845 Pearl East Circle, Suite 101, Boulder, CO 80301. The office in Denver is located at 501 S. Cherry Street, Suite 1131, Denver, CO 80246.


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