CoCounselor Personal Injury Law Software Helps Lawyers Win More Cases

CoCounselor, an Atlanta, Georgia-based law software provider, would like to reach out to local law firms who stand to gain much from utilizing the company’s personal injury law software. The software offers lawyers a unique set of tools and functions that they can use to win more cases. It helps lawyers save time and manage their legal teams better, which leaves more time to prepare for a case and thus increases the likelihood of success.

CoCounselor’s full-featured personal injury law software gives lawyers everything they need to focus on winning cases for their clients. With integrated contingency billing, time tracking and invoicing on the go, document and matter management and even calendaring, personal injury attorneys need only worry about coming up with a convincing case while they trust CoCounselor to handle the rest. The software also offers a marketing campaign tracker that can help lawyers figure out where to advertise their services.

“We were made for each other,” says CoCounselor. “CoCounselor is the only cloud-based practice management solution designed with the Personal Injury Firm in mind. Gain operational efficiencies, keep your entire staff on the same page, work from anywhere on any device and build valuable dashboards and reports to keep you up-to-date on important deadlines as well as the overall health of your firm. Integrate with thousands of apps, accessible through the Salesforce AppExchange, to connect the systems that are most important to your firm, such as Docusign, Zipwhip, Outlook and more. CoCounselor is the personal injury software that does it all.”

Case management takes up about 90% of any law firm’s time. Tracking clients and their cases and keeping all their information straight accounts for a large amount of any legal team’s time allocation, and in some cases, can get in the way of efficiency. By removing the need for legal teams to manually manage their cases and clients, CoCounselor frees up resources that can then be diverted towards problem solving and eventual success. Having a powerful piece of software manage all the less important (but necessary) parts of a case can contribute — and is absolutely crucial — to the growth, efficiency and success of a personal injury law firm.

“If you’re tired of scheduling the same events over and over again for case after case, we have a solution for you,” says a CoCounselor representative. “Our software schedules the events and tasks that you’d rather not have to manually schedule and plan. CoCounselor can be customized to your practice area. Allow your team to work on the important items while CoCounselor does all the heavy lifting in the background.”

A number of firms have already started using CoCounselor to double their efficiency. “What impressed me most about CoCounselor is how much more efficient it has made my staff,” says Brian Craig of Wood & Craig Trial Lawyers. “This means fewer upset clients, more resolved cases and ultimately more cash flow to continue to expand my business.”

Another user of the software, senior paralegal Sayonara Silva, says, “I have worked for law firms who used various other legal software programs yet I haven’t found anything comparable to CoCounselor. All the other programs are difficult to learn, with unnecessary tabs and useless features.”

CoCounselor’s pricing schemes are simple and straightforward, allowing firms to choose the tier that best suits the way they operate. The Lite scheme costs $75 per month per user and offers access to the CoCounselor practice management platform, complementary onboarding and training for all users, three custom templates and three months technical support. The Standard scheme costs $85 per month per user and adds three custom reports to all the other features found in the Lite package. Finally, the premium package, which costs $120 per user per month, offers unlimited custom workflows, unlimited custom reports, unlimited custom templates, unlimited training for all users, unlimited support and CoCounselor Calendar & Email Sync.

For more information on the personal injury law software, visit CoCounselor’s official website The CoCounselor team would be more than happy to help clients begin the process of setting up their own personalized automated case management system today.


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