CoCounselor: Cloud-Based Software Improves Communication Inside Law Firms

CoCounselor, a legal software developer based out of Atlanta, Georgia, recently published a brand new blog post entitled ‘How Can Cloud-Based Software Improve Communication Inside A Law Firm?’ CoCounselor provides cloud-based practice management solutions exclusively designed for personal injury law firms. More information about the company can be found at the following link:

Mark Lally, a representative for CoCounselor, says, “The key to running a business is effective communication. While technology has made it easier for businesses across the world to easily communicate with their clients, customer bases and each other, there are a lot of challenges involved with digital communication in the legal world. That’s not to say it’s impossible at all. With the right software solutions, you can improve client communication by miles. The secret to that is cloud-based communication software.”

In the blog post, CoCounselor describes several ways through which the implementation of cloud-based law practice management software can help improve communication with a firm’s clients. One such method is that cloud-based software helps firms with remote work. The company explains that it is almost impossible for lawyers to collaborate effectively if everyone has to be in the same physical space to work on projects. When a company adopts the cloud, however, employees can work from anywhere at any time. This improves efficiency and can lead to the production of better-quality work across the firm. Remote working also allows practices to hire from a much larger talent pool than previously possible. Before, well-qualified applicants not located in the same city as the firm had to move or turn down the job offer. Thanks to the cloud, qualified lawyers can potentially be hired from around the world — without them having to relocate.

Another benefit of cloud-based software is that employees can work on multiple devices. The blog post explains that software companies are always making sure that their applications will work on any device, which means that employees have access to information from more devices than just their desktops or laptops as 4G and LTE networks become more standardized. As CoCounselor explains, working solely from mobiles has become an entirely viable option.

Cloud-based software also allows for small and mid-sized practices to compete with bigger firms to get clients. The post reads “The cloud is cost-effective and can be customized to any size law firm, and smaller players can scale up their operations when needed very quickly. They can start small and increase their usage over time, depending on their growth. Cloud communications services are also self-managed, so you won’t typically have to hire IT staff to set up your communication systems. Enabling small and mid-sized practices to deliver results faster, cheaper and with more quality is key to giving them the competitive edge required to compete against more prominent firms and win over clients.”

The services provided by the company have earned CoCounselor an excellent reputation among their clients. On Capterra, a website dedicated to ranking various pieces of software, CoCounselor has a rating of 4.6/5 Stars. Refer here for more:

Erika C, a legal assistant, says in her 5-Star review, “Overall, I have been happy with CoCounselor as it does everything I need, and I can upload files so I have everything I need for any meeting. The only drawback is when calendaring statutes and court dates which require reminders; I have to manually enter the reminders since there does not appear a way to schedule auto reminders for certain types of events calendared.”

Meanwhile, in another review, Valerie Z shares, “I would be lost without it. It was very easy to become acquainted with CoCounselor. I was new to the legal industry, and starting my first job in a professional environment overall. CoCounselor was a major learning convenience for me. It made my job easier and really broke everything down. Generating documents and the help of their IT team coding everything to my specific needs upon request was a tremendous help! I haven't encountered any issues after 2.5 years using CoCounselor, and I doubt I will.”

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