Coastal Sunset Property Services Steps Up Home Care Business

While some businesses took a step back during this pandemic, Coastal Sunset Property Services saw growth. Now, more than ever, cleaning services are needed, says the Best House Cleaning Service in Hilton Head, SC.

One of their most in-demand services at these times is their concierge operation. The concierge services of the Hilton Head Island-based company is extremely helpful to absentee owners in Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC. When the movement of people was limited, Coastal Sunset Property Services remained open to offer a variety of concierge and home watch services to several absentee homeowners.

With Lowcountry’s high humidity, storms, and unique pests, some of which love to nest in dry drains and quiet pipes, someone who would look after their properties when away is necessary. That’s where Coastal Sunset Property Services enters.

The company offers cost-effective convenience at every level; to ensure that their clients’ second home will always be available for its intended purpose - a relaxing retreat that is ready for their arrival.

Clients of the Best Concierge Services Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC have proven their business expertise over the years. For their concierge operation, they walk the perimeter, exterior, and interior of the property, pool area, and garages without missing to monitor its condition. They check the property for visible water leaks, pool cage damage, fence deterioration, rodent infestations, yard service integrity, and even if the refrigerator and wine cooler are operational.

“Small water leaks can completely ruin your carpet, hardwood flooring, even tile and baseboard, drywall, and more in just a few days if undetected. That is why having the right concierge can avert many household disasters,” the cleaning service company explains.

To ensure safe and healthy operation, Coastal Sunset Property Services continue to impose safety guidelines. Their trained team members use personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks and disposable gloves. Additionally, Coastal Sunset Property Services adopts contactless payments to minimize physical contact with their clients.

Meanwhile, Coastal Sunset Property Services offers free concierge services estimates. Clients can do it online through their official website,, or by calling 888-762-6278.

Besides concierge services, they also cater to resort cleaning, vacation rental cleaning, residential cleaning, and handyman services. The cleaning firm also offers housekeeping services such as floor cleaning, window cleaning, laundry, trash treatment, and even cloth ironing.

“At Coastal Sunset Property Services, we are dedicated to providing Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, and the surrounding area with high-quality cleaning, handyman, and concierge services at affordable prices. Our friendly team is trained to provide the most comprehensive services and make every effort to provide our customers with top-notch service,” the Best House Cleaning Service in Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC adds.

To visit them in person, Coastal Sunset Property Services is located at 141 Island Drive Hilton Head Island, SC.


For more information about Coastal Sunset Property Services , contact the company here:

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