Co Counselor Law Practice Management Software Helps Firms Grow

CoCounselor would like to reach out to law firms that may have use for their CoCounselor Law Practice Management Software. The software provides a number of tools that can help practices better manage their clients and offer better services. Information on their Law Practice Management Software can be found on the company’s blog.

“Legal case management software is an invaluable tool for personal injury firms,” says one blog article titled ‘How Can Law Practice Management Software Help My Firm Grow?’ “It can help your law firm engage with clients faster, close more deals and provide improved legal services. Legal practice management software can also help your law firm grow. But, too many personal injury firms are still relying on older legal software systems that are outdated or aren’t using a legal software system. If you are a small or one-person firm with plans of growing, you need to use legal practice management software. Law practice management software has exactly what a growing law firm needs to edge out their competition. If your law practice is growing, you may be wondering how legal practice management software will help you continue your growth. For one, if you are still using spreadsheets, they will do nothing but stunt your growth. Switching from spreadsheets to practice management software is enough in itself to boost your growth.”

There are countless reasons why law practices might be better off switching to law practice management software. The right solution can increase efficiency, improve organization and increase accountability at any law firm. One of the most important aspects of any legal practice management software is its ability to keep track of everything related to the firm’s cases. Information stored on the matter record inside of the practice management software can include the names of the firm’s clients, case documents, calendar appointments, tasks, email correspondence, notes and billing information. When using legal management software, staff will always know where to look for information related to a specific case — and the need to ask coworkers for specific files is all but eliminated.

Law practice management software also allows law firms to define routines. For example, when the firm gets a new personal injury client, the software allows the attorney to welcome the client automatically, eliminating the need to spend time typing out emails manually. Consistency is another major advantage offered by law practice management software. Routine tasks or work done by new hires is standardized, and one can ‘eliminate the guesswork’ by having certain tasks be automated. This, in turn, leads to the firm being more organized, as all the information that would normally be kept in filing cabinets or on several different spreadsheets can be kept in one place with good law practice management software.

“You or your staff can enter case descriptions, deadlines, contact information, case notes, task lists and much more, all in one program,” says CoCounselor. “You already have this information, but now you can keep it all in one area? Legal case management software allows you to quickly and easily access all of your information and enable follow-up automation. Some programs even include online forms, text messaging and email marketing. These days, features like this are not only game-changers, but they are required to stay competitive.”

Many firms report vastly improved customer service when using law practice management software. Organized case management software can help the firm keep better client records which then allow the firm to better serve its clients. With law practice management software, everyone is always up to date, and it becomes possible to serve clients without having to direct them to another member of staff who knows more about a specific case.

With the pandemic forcing a large number of people to work from home, the fact that law practice management software allows users to work from home is a major advantage. “It’s no longer practical to be tied down to an office or a single workstation,” says the blog post. “If you use a cloud-based practice management application — and you should — you can work from anywhere. With cloud-based practice management software, you can access your firm’s database from any device that can connect to the internet. So, as long as you have the internet, a smartphone and cloud-based software, you can access your client information.”

For more information on CoCounselor and their law practice management software, visit their site. Mark Lally of CoCounselor can be reached for further details as well.


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